We had an awesome weekend in Tampa! We were suppose to go about a month ago, but with the hurricane that was hitting the area at that time, we decided to push the trip back. We flew out on Spirit airlines on a Thursday afternoon. It was our first flight with Spirit and wasn’t a bad experience, unlike the horror stories I’ve heard time and time again. As I write this, I am literally sitting on the flight, so if anything changes I will be sure to let you know!


EDIT: our ride back was a good experience too, we left a little late due to weather, but nothing that was the airlines fault.

We rented our car through Alamo. I’ve rented from them before and had a pleasant experience, and they also have great rates! We rented an economy car, which should fit 5 people and our backpacks. When we walked up to the attendant and gave her our paperwork, she said take that, and pointed to a Fiat. Then stated how a compact car and economy car are the same.

Uh, no. I know they’re both small, but I also know the economy car is slightly bigger and that Fiat wasn’t going to cut it! Luckily a gentleman that was working and seen the other attendant point to the Fiat, quickly intervened and said to stay put. He came around a couple minutes later in a Chrysler 300, fully loaded with navigation.


We got into that car so quick.

When we rode out, the exiting attendant noted that we had an 8 car upgrade.

Hey, I’m not complaining!

As we quickly rode off ( you know, in case they decided to change their minds) we decided to head to dinner. Last time we visited Tampa, we had an awesome experience at GameTime in Ybor, we knew we wanted to go back and was glad to find a great deal for Thursday night. Even though we had great food last time, we figured we would try something new and went to the Green Iguana. Unfortunately we didn’t love it. We got the deal off Groupon, and now I am quickly learning that, unless you know someone who can vouch for the place, then don’t go! The place was practically empty when we arrived, and that was around 8 PM. It doubled as a bar, so I would have expected it to be slightly more busy. I got nachos, they actually had a picture of the nachos on Groupon. They literally had a bunch of chips with a little bit of queso and lettuce, few tomatoes and that’s about it, for the most part. Definitely not worth $10! But at least it was a Groupon and I didn’t pay full price.

SN: We also had a Groupon for a pizza place in Tampa, we rode up and it was COMPLETELY EMPTY on a Friday night! We didn’t even bother getting out of the car. 


After we left, we made our way to GameTime! GameTime is so much fun! And they had new games than when we visited the last time. Currently (as of October 2016) they have a deal where you can ‘Play Your Way’ and get a game card for $10 for unlimited play for the unticketed games (the unticketed games are those you can’t win prizes on). This deal is for Thursday night ONLY! It is so worth it! The kids and the big kids) have so much fun on these games, it’s a great pass time, and was perfect as we got in later in the day.


As the night was getting later and we knew we had a busy day ahead of us, we decided to cut it short and head to the hotel.

Our hotel was in great driving distance from everything. Our longest drive was to Clearwater, which was roughly 45 minutes with moderate traffic. The hotel was clean and a very decent rate, which is why we vouched for it. Country Inn and Suites, in Seffer, Florida. My friend booked it on Hotels.com, which is awesome because every 10 nights equals 1 FREE night! The hotel offered breakfast every morning at no additional charge, so we saved money that way too. They were equipped with a business center (great since we had to print our Spirit boarding passes), a pool, equipment room and a laundry facility. The dryer wasn’t working in the laundry room, unfortunately, we actually needed to use it, so that was a bummer. The breakfast was okay, like most hotel’s that offer breakfast, a few hot food choices, waffles, cereal, yogurt, pastries, juice and milk. Definitely something for everyone. We didn’t use to pool or equipment room, we were literally just there to sleep and eat breakfast.

We stayed in Florida from Thursday to Sunday and had everyday jammed packed days the whole time! Mixon Fruit Farm, MOSI, The Florida Aquarium, Clearwater Beach, Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise are the things that kept us busy. Please stay tuned to hear about each of our adventures from our weekend in Florida!

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