Why you Should Visit  Medieval Times-Atlanta…Again

If you live here in Atlanta, there is a pretty good chance that you’ve visited Medieval Time castle at Sugarloaf Mills (or if you’ve been here awhile and haven’t been back, then you may know it as Discover Mills). We went when they first opened. My partner and I before our son was even a thought. Fast forward about 5 years later and our party of 2 is now a party of 3 (my son about 4 at this point) and I won tickets to a Medieval Times show. I was elated, to be able to take my son to see the show, I just knew he was going to love it. And from there we’ve been back about once a year. But you know what? You’d think it would become redundant after a while. However, it really isn’t, There is reason to return to the Medieval Times Castle, and here is why you should.


If you’ve visited the castle before, then you know you get fed like a king. The first time we went, I don’t recall loving the food, which was why it took so long for me to return. On my second visit, several years later, I recall liking the food more than the first time I visited. Since my second visit, my diet has changed, I’ve become Pescaterian (I only eat fish and seafood as far as consuming animals go).

The vegetarian options is not only a lot of food, it’s actually very tasty! The hefty potion is a large pot of rice, several different beans, potatoes (like the roasted ones you get with the regular meal but but up) and carrots. I has enough to bring some to work and then eat some again for dinner the next day. Prior to getting the pot of stew, you get the tomato soup and garlic bread like the carnivores get 😉 And for dessert for us at our most current visit was a piece of lemon pound cake, which was delish. Funny story, my son didn’t eat it because he thought our waitress said pancake, and since it didn’t look like a pancake and was actually served cold it totally threw him off. I wish I would have realized at the time, two pieces of cake isn’t always a bad thing. 😉

If you were like me and felt that the food was less than pleasing to you when you first visited, then I can assure you that it is greatly more pleasing than before. It’s totally a reason to return and see what flavors are brewing.

The Show

The show is always entertaining and gets the audience involved. You’ll be sitting in a designated section where you will cheer on your areas knight. The knights fight with real swords during the show. My son loves the shows! He never gets tired of them. It still carries the same theme, but it will never be the same show. So if you’re in the Atlanta area, why not catch a dinner and a show at Medieval Times, with all that you’ll experience, its well worth it!

Bring Your Guest

Medieval Times is an attraction, although for us residents of the Atlanta area it’s often overlooked as one. One reason to visit again is when you have family and friends in town. With nine castles across the United States, there isn’t a lot of people who can visit. Better yet, each castle is different, so visiting each one would be a different experience in itself. Bringing your out-of-town guest is a sure way to show them a good time.


Medieval Times is a great way to celebrate special occasions. They offer Birthday Party Packages which would be a hit with the entire crew. And it’s all done for you too, just show up and they take care of all the work. It’s also good for large group functions like; Boy Scout/Girl Scout troops, corporate groups, family reunions, etc. Perhaps you want to celebrate you and your spouses anniversary here. They can accommodate that as well.

Date Night vs. Family Night

If you’ve visited Medieval Times with the family in the past, then why not make it a date night and leave the children at home? Visiting Medieval Times without the kids, will allow you to enjoy your significant others company and allow you to partake it the adult beverages more. 😉 With seats to accommodate groups and the fun and interactive atmosphere it’s also good for group dates.

If I’ve visited a place before without my son, then I don’t mind going back to see it through my son’s eyes. It’s a totally new experience watching it through his eyes versus going without him. If you haven’t visited the castle with the family, then it needs to be on your list! Although you can have plenty of fun as an adult, Medieval Times is still family-oriented. I guarantee that the kids will want to go again and again.

So if you’ve visited Medieval Times in the past and felt that once you’ve visited then you don’t need to visit again, I hope this list has reassured you that you should absolutely visit again!

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About Stacey

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