Trying G.H Cretors Popped Corn!

We love to snack, and popcorn is just one of those items that we can’t get enough of. For the past couple years, we mainly been making our popcorn in a popcorn popper, since learning that the microwave popcorn isn’t the healthiest way to eat this delicious snack. All is well with that, except when you’re being lazy and rather have it ready then to put in any work enjoy the snack you want. Which is why I was super excited that this past week we’ve been sampling G.H Cretors Popped Corn. Just open the bag and pop a piece in your mouth. Easy-peasy, right? But you may want to know, what makes G.H Cretors Popped Corn different from the others sitting on the shelf at the store. Don’t worry, we are highly trained individuals who have taken on the responsibility to give you these answers. And by training, I mean eating popcorn.

You don’t have to thank me. But you’re welcome anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‰


We were sent samples to enjoy, as always, my opinions are my own

G.H Cretors is a gourmet popcorn that uses the best ingredients that leaves you wanting more without the guilt. One thing that I am currently trying to stray from is purchasing items that have a million ingredients that I can’t even pronounce. After looking at the packaging that was sent to me, that’s what stood out to me, ingredients that I could pronounce and I actually knew what they were. Now that is refreshing!ย 

I loved that every popped kernel was light and crunchy, never having a stale texture when the bag was opened. All their products are Certified Gluten Free too, so if that’s a dietary restriction of yours, then you can enjoy the mouth-watering goodness in each bag. One thing that G.H Cretors does that I really like is that they use brown rice syrup to sweeten their corn, which doesn’t give you a sugar high. To date, it’s the most freshest prepackaged popcorn I’ve tasted! Now, let’s dive into what are thoughts are on the flavors that we tried.

Honey Butter Kettlecorn

I’m literally eating this as write, and the bag is almostย gone. Don’t judge. I love me some kettlecorn! You get the sweetness, but not overly sweet and the crunch! This flavor is all that and a bag of chips, ehhh, Popcorn! One thing that you may see me mention 1 million times in this post is that G.H Cretors Popped corn and are the perfect amount of crunch and fluff!


Just the Cheddar Corn

You know when Homer Simpson eats donuts and has that iconic expression and drool running down his mouth. Yeah, well, that was me, eating Just the Cheddar Corn. I mean, who doesn’t love cheddar flavor popcorn?

mmmm, cheddar popcorn.ย 

Now, my son was very disappointed. His father ate 90% of this bag and he didn’t get to try any. But remember, this is a no judge zone. I’m just saying; don’t leave a bag with him alone.

Or me.

Or my son.

Okay, let’s just move on…

The Mix: Buttery Caramel & Real Cheddar Cheese Corn

This was quite possibly my favorite. The buttery caramel is to…die…for. Have you had the caramel corn before that is good, but really sticky on your teeth? I have a love-hate relationship with it. However, G.H Cretors caramel corn is amazing!!! It is not all sticky at all. Light, smooth caramel coats the popcorn.

mmmmm. There I go again with my Homer Simpson drool face. I can’t help it. It was simply delicious.ย 

As mentioned, it’s mixed with the Real Cheddar Cheese Corn flavor. My son loved this flavor, so it would be the perfect bag for the two of us to share. You know the old saying, sharing is caring.

Unless someone walks out of the room and all the popcorn mysteriously disappears. Hey, things happen. ๐Ÿ˜‰

White Cheddar

I love white cheddar popcorn. The right amount of savory flavor with some leftover to lick off your fingers. It’s okay to do so, I look at it as reducing waste, no napkin to throw away, save a tree and free up some space in the landfill.

That was really thought out. But I must have my A-game ready when the possibility of my manners comes into question.ย 

But seriously, delish. Is it possible to purchase another companies slogan? I feel like they need to consider speaking to KFC’s about their slogan, ย ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’. As it stands, I’m feeling like it fits G.H Cretors company a whole lot more. Oh, and again, I can ‘t say enough on how fresh it taste! Especially notable in the white cheddar as if I am purchasing a prepackaged popcorn, it’s this flavor.


G.H Cretor's Popped Corn

Dill Pickle

This is one you must have the taste for. If you’re a pickle fanatic, then this is your flavor. It would be my least favorite out of the flavors we sampled. My other half said they were okay, but ate the whole bag. So you tell me the math on that. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I like pickles, by themselves, so tasting them on anything else wouldn’t be up my alley. But please, tell me if you love it! I hope you do love it, that means more for you! And hopefully more caramel corn for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Salted Butter

The perfect movie popcorn right here. Not too overbearing with the flavor of butter, yet just enough to let you know it’s there, yet still satisfying. I’ve been known to go overboard with the butter. So this is a perfect for me.

You can sample G.H Cretors Popped Corn too!ย 

G.H Cretors is sending all of the six flavors that we tried PLUS the amazing canvas bag and bottle to one luck winner. The canvas bag is perfect to fit all your bags of G.H Cretors Popped Corn in. Perfect for carrying them all to my house so you can share with me.

The whole bag.

Of Caramel Corn. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Cypress Refresh Water Bottle is amazing! Keep your cold beverages cold and hot beverages hot for about 12 hours! We’ve tested this, it works. Great for traveling too, as you can take the bottle in the airport and fill it up once you go thru security.

Want to know more about G.H Cretors Popped Corn?

Click Here to learn more and to find out where you can purchase!

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Chickie brewer at
The cheese corn sounds like it would be yummy.
    EatMakeTravel at
    It was! Great texture and amazing flavor!
Heidi Bee at
They all sound amazing, but I'm leaning towards white cheddar.
    EatMakeTravel at
    White Cheddar is delish!
Latanya at
white cheddar is my fave flavor
Lauren at
I am looking forward to the Chicago Mix.
Tim at
I am most interested in trying the white cheddar variety.
Sam Sasek at
White cheddar is my fave... but that dill pickle looks interesting!!
Dana Rodriguez at
I want to try The Mix: Buttery Caramel & Real Cheddar Cheese Corn!
Dana Germain at
The white cheddar or salted butter flavor!
Olivia Douglass at
I would love to try The Mix!
Leigh Anne Borders at
I love popcorn! My favorite is a cheddar cheese flavor; however, I am really thinking I want to sample that dill pickle flavor! Sounds delicious.
April Bentley at
Dill pickle sound great!
Jade W at
I'm a dill pickle fan!
Carol M at
Caramel cheddar mix
Lyssa S at
We have seen us at Publix and have wanted to try it. So many yummy flavors!

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