Tips to Enjoying Stone Mountain Park When The Weather isn’t Great

I’m one of those people who believe in that the cup is half full. I like to live in the moment and enjoy said moment. For instance, have you ever been to an amusement park and the weather didn’t turn out like you had hope for? That’s what happened when I visited Stone Mountain Park recently.  Like most amusement parks, Stone Mountain Park will close their outdoor rides/activities if the weather is bad or is expected to to be bad. When we arrived, it was gorgeous out, and could see people enjoying their time on the Geyser Tower as we waited to get our tickets. When we approached the ticket counter, we were notified that the outdoor rides/activities were temporarily shut down due to some expected bad weather. personally I was there for a media event, so I decided to stay. Normally I would have just decided to go the following day so I could enjoy all the activities.  But it got me thinking,  if I was already inside the park and had my tickets to enjoy all the activities for the day and the weather either got bad or was about to. What would I do until the weather lets up?

I received tickets to facilitate a review, as always, my opinions are my own

4-D Movie

Our first quest once we stepped inside the park was to watch the 4-D movie. The movie itself takes about 15-minutes and changes throughout the year as Stone Mountain Park changes their themes/season. Personally I never had a really long wait, which is always a plus. During the film, your seat will move, it’ll be in 3-D, you’ll feel gust of air and potentially get sprayed with water. The films are always adorable. The 4-D movie is only available to Mountain Members or if you have an all-attraction pass.


Dinotorium is one of the funnest attractions, in my opinion. It’s located in the big barn, just to the left of the ticket counter and located before entering the Dinosaur Explore. The 4 level barn is equipped with slides, trampoline floors, climb structures and a lot of balls. There are several interactive powered devices that will transport the balls up tubes and out guns. You can grab a bag and as many balls as you can find and have a fight with your friends and fam (or other patrons). We always, always, always have a blast in here. This is another attraction that is only available to Mountain Members or if you have an all-attraction pass.

Candy Demonstration

While we were walking around, we noticed a sign that said there was a candy demonstration going on. So, we went. It was a very short demonstration, but while you are trying to kill some time, it’ll do. And they give you a little sample afterwards. The day we were there they were making chocolate covered Oreo’s.

Glass Blowing Demonstration

One of the demonstrations that are always interesting is the glass blowing. To watch them create their pieces of art is always fun the watch.


There are several stores you can browse while in the park. Between clothes, candy, food, toys and Stone Mountain gear. You’re bound to find something you like. We had fun playing in the toy store. The store had some sand open to play with, of which we took the opportunity to do just that.

We also came across this large connect four set and decided to play a couple rounds.


When the attractions aren’t up, I’d say it is a good time to grab a bite to eat. Stone Mountain Park has several options to choose from when seeking food. Stone Mountain Park offers an array of options to satisfy any visitors pallete. BBQ, formal dining, pizza, hot dogs, funnel cake, popcorn are just a few items that you can indulge in while you are waiting out the weather.

Mountain Museum at Memorial Hall


To enter Memorial Hall is free, but to experience the Mountain Museum you must either be a Mountain Member or have an all-access pass. I personally haven’t actually been in the Mountain Museum but I have been in Memorial Hall. I went inside the other day when we were there because it started to rain and now I can kick myself that I actually didn’t go into the museum part of it! My friend and I were questioning the back story of the mountain in regards to the actual carving. I mean the carving began in the 1920’s, was put on hold for several years and then finished in 1975. It’s pretty interesting to see something so massive being carved with tools unlike what we have today.

If you didn’t get tickets, you can view the different images that line the hallway of Memorial Hall. They’re very interesting photographs during the carving of the mountain.

If you’re at Stone Mountain and the rain actually does come pouring down, it certainly doesn’t have to be a bad thing. While we were there it started to pour down on us (which is why we went inside Memorial Hall), while there we saw the most amazing view of the rain cascading down the side of the mountain. It was a gorgeous sight to see. Check out the video below!

A post shared by Seeking The Weekend (@seekingtheweekend) on We were lucky enough that the rain lasted only a few minutes and the sun shortly came back out. It didn’t mean that the attractions were opening back up but they still did the Lasershow Spectacular. The lasershow is celebrating 35-years of being an Atlanta tradition this year. It has evolved tremendously since it’s first show in 1983. We watched the show from the terrace seats, which are amazing to enjoy the show from but it is an extra charge. Luckily for most, the show is free (besides parking, I highly recommend the yearly parking pass).

The weather doesn’t always have to ruin your time, there are ways that you can wait it out until the sun shines again. If we decided to just leave the day we went, we would have missed an amazing Lasershow. If you already bought your tickets for the attractions for the day, they’re nonrefundable, so why leave when there are other things you can experience.


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We love the Laser show at Stone Mountain. We go every year, especially when we have family coming to Atlanta.
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We love climbing the mountain to the top, or riding the cable car.
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The Candy demonstration. My family has sweet teeth. lol
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We love the train ride!!!! choo choo!!

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