How to Throw a Successful Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Last Minute

So what I have come to realize… I am a bit of a procrastinator, I have ADD and I can be lazy.

Those three things don’t necessarily mix. But in all honestly, I started a new job and let other things get behind me. Case in point, my ugly Christmas Sweater Party. I knew I wanted to throw one, but the I swear, time flies! Before I realized it, it was time for the party and I wasn’t ready! But that’s not to say that I can’t throw a great party! So here are some tips on throwing a great ugly Christmas Sweater Party last-minute!

Create an awesome invite

The first task to accomplish is inviting people to the party. The best, cheapest and quickest way to do so now-a-days in creating one via your phone or computer and texting/emailing it to everyone. Here is mine that I made in PicMonkey. It’s cute, to the point and has all the info that you need.

Don’t mind the date, I had to postpone due to the “snowy weather” that Atlanta received. Unfortunately that meant some folks couldn’t come to the new date, but it was all good. We still has fun!

Create an ugly Christmas sweater/purchase an ugly Christmas sweater

I chose to create because well, I’m cheap. I found some sweaters at the thrift store, got some decorations from the Dollar Store, felt from Hobby Lobby and the morning of the party I whipped up these bad boys. I created a post specifically for these sweaters, you can check that out here (CLICK HERE). Best part about these sweaters is not only are they one-of-a-kind, but they’re also less than $6 to make. My son’s is pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

Cookie Decorating

One activity that you can’t pass up on during the holidays is decorating cookies. I am usually one who makes all the holiday goodies from scratch, but since I was strapped for time, I had to create these delicious treats quick! Enter Krusteaz Cookie Mix to save the day! I was able to whip them up a few hours before people started to arrive with only needing the mix, an egg and a stick of butter. Simple, right?

I didn’t even feel bad that I didn’t make them from scratch, I was able to use my time actually spending time with my guest instead of chatting it up in the kitchen while I mix, bake and clean up a bigger mess than what I was planning on. And the cookies were delicious! I totally want to do a Cookie swap next year. Krusteaz has a cookie calculator in their site that will tell you what cookie you should make. I got Gingerbread with Spiced Marshmallow Buttercream. It sounds delicious and the perfect cookie that’s one you just can’t put down.

Quick Food

So with food I served things that were quick and that I didn’t have to put much work into. Like the party classic, pizza. I grabbed two pizzas from Little Ceaser, chips, made some crock pot hot chocolate, bought a lemon pound cake from Kroger and my mom’s Christmas punch to complete the edible goodies.


I’m appreciating the fact that I’m not pulling an all nighter creating dishes for my gatherings. Sometimes it is more that how much you put into creating a festive gathering but the time spent during the gathering. My mom’s Christmas punch is delish and full of sugar. 😉 It’s rather simple really to make and great for any gathering. It’s just a 2-liter of Hawaiian punch, 2-liter of 7-up and lime sherbet. You have to let the sherbet melt a little, and it be a frothy delicious cup of liquid sugar. Not something we have often at all, literally once a year actually. So, I say, go forth and party like you’re about to give sugar up for lent.

Light a fire in the Fireplace

What’s Winter without using your fireplace. I use it when we have guests over and on those cold nights when we just want to snuggle up on the couch and watch movies. Since we were having people over for the party, I felt it was the perfect opportunity to use my log, which have off the wonderful pine scent of the season. Having the fire going in the fireplace adds to the ambiance, making a Christmas gathering feel even more warm and cozy. The log lit quick and stayed lit for a couple of hours, perfect timing for the party to end. I totally need another one to lite Christmas Eve when we have a couple of friends over for dinner and Christmas morning when we open gifts. Or just to lay there in my couch looking at my Christmas lights by the cozy fire. Yankee Candle sent me an American Home fire log and I was very pleased with it! You can get a set of 4 logs for under $6 a log on Amazon! Pretty decent prize, if you ask me! It was a great compliment to our gathering.

Play a Game

Okay, if you don’t know about the Saran Wrap game then you live under a rock or don’t have Facebook. I saw a video of this game about a month ago and knew that I had to play it this season! It’s so much fun, and great for all age groups. We just let the kids play this go around. The object of the game is unravel the Saran Wrap without tearing it and before you had to pass it along within the circle. Typically I see people use dice, having the next person roll until they get a double, of which it is them their turn. We didn’t have five, so we just used a 20 second timer. In the middle of the Sean Wrap is the “big” prize, which for us was a $5 bill. You then create layers and layers of wrap which will have other prizes within those layers. It can be whatever you want. I used candy, holiday erasers, and a toy in addition to the $5 bill. It lasted about 15 minutes for the kids to finish. You can see a little snippet below of the kids playing. I only used one Saran Wrap roll to complete our ball, but you can make it as big as you want. How does the old saying go? Go big or go home? Yeah, that all make it more interesting and fun! I got mine together within 20 minutes, so if you want it bigger than the one you see in the video expect to spend more time on it. It is a waste of the Saran Wrap, but the game was so…much…fun!

Have a Contest

You totally need a winner for your Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. It’s fun and will make your guest want to get more creative with their sweaters. We posted our photos and had people on Facebook vote who had the ugliest sweater. My son won and totally should have. He is now the proud owner of a $10 Chick-Fil-A gift card. Getting a gift card for the prize is simple to grab and you can get them just about anywhere. Saving you even more time when time isn’t by your side.

Gift Exchange

We decided to have a gift exchange. Adults brought a gift and children brought a gift spending no more than $5-$10/gift. To make things more interesting, we distributed the gifts with the game of musical chairs (somehow without chairs, lol). Laying post-it’s in the floor for “chairs”, when the holiday music stopped we drew a number for that child to choose the wrapped gift of their choosing. It was a fun way to distribute the gifts.

So, I made this all happen last-minute, with a majority of the stuff happening the day of AND I didn’t spend a lot of money to make it happen. So if you’re strapped for time and hard on cash, follow my few steps to have an enjoyable Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!

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