Save Even More on Tickets with Spirit Airlines!

Finding a budget-friendly way to travel with children doesn’t have to break the bank. I found that with Spirit Airlines.  Typically, traveling with children isn’t cheap in general, especially if you fly. Let’s not even get started on feeding the children.

Well wait… Can I speak on the food issue real quick?

I have no clue how children that are like, a 1/3 of me can eat so much. Like, where do they put it all?!?! When we went to Florida for spring break, these kids could have just ate the whole time. I’m like, man up! We have to get on Dumbo dammit. I mean, we totally came prepared with snack in tow and all, but still. My God. How many fruit snack and granola bars can you eat, especially if I’m still full from breakfast.

But I guess they do have to do that whole ‘growing thing’, so I guess I can let it slide.

Food rant over.


So, let’s get back to flying. It’s all good when there under 2 and can ride in your lap. But hit year 2 and free flying is over. Well, not really, and I am going to share full detail about that next week. For now let’s talk about flying cheap!


So I am apart of a great group of woman who all share the love of travel. We share experiences, over guidance and great traveling tips!

If you would like to be apart of Girl’s LOVE Travel, click the link to request being a member. But as a warning, it is GIRLS ONLY!

A few months back there was a thread about flying super cheap on Spirit.

I know, I know. We’ve all heard the horror stories. We all know someone who has had the WORST experience on a Spirit flight. But with that being said, I know a lot of people who haven’t had a bad experience. I guess you just have to see for yourself. So anyways, the thread spoke about a super cheap flight… like super cheap. Like change. I kid you not. The #1 way to avoid giving up the dough to Spirit is…

Purchasing your Spirit Airlines ticket at the airport.

Obviously this works best if you are located near an airport. Clearly if you have to drive 2 hours then you may want to reconsider that route. But let’s say that you are near an airport, want to know how much money you can save?

Well, we saved about half of the online price.


My friend and I literally went to the airport for this reason only. Being in Atlanta we decided to hope on Marta, because, if you’re familiar with Atlanta traffic then you know it’s horrid, especially on a Friday afternoon. So if you want figures, then you now need to include the $5 transportation fare that’s totally better than sitting in traffic for hours.

So we went up to the Spirit ticket counter and inquired about tickets for our date of choice and when should told us the price my friend handed over that card so quick that you would have thought they were paying her! I was totally going to ride Southwest so that I could use my points, but I quickly changed my mind so that I can experience the great flight that I’m going to have on Spirit.

Fingers crossed, as we all know someone who had a bad experience on Spirit.

So for my tickets online, they would have been $160 for two round-trip tickets from Atlanta to Tampa. I paid $88 for two round trip tickets by purchasing them at the airport!

spirit 1

 That’s an awesome deal and one that I am makes me willing to give Spirit a try.

And a few little tidbits you should know to keep that change in your pockets.
  • Travel with a backpack. Pack that purse in the bag as this is your personal item of which can fly FREE.

Any other items, you’ll be forking out the cash.

  • Carry an empty water bottle through security, most airports have stations to fill the bottles.
  • Carry snacks to save from spending on stacks within the airport.
  • Print your boarding pass at home, they will charge you if you print it at the airport.

So my trip is Labor Day weekend. I’ll share all the fun we will have and our Spirit experience too, which I hope is a good experience. I pray.

You all should pray too.

Just to be safe.

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About Stacey

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