Saving While you Travel with Groupon!

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. There may be affiliate links in this post of which if you click and purchase something, I get a few coins thrown my way. No worries though, they go to the travel fund. 

I want to travel. I want to see the World. I want to go place. My pockets on the other hand want to stay home. Over the past year I have become a money-saving seeking machine to curve my Wanderlust appetite. One of my the first places I go to when I’ve made plans for a trip is Groupon.

Let’s not forget that Groupon has coupons! You can save that way as well, which is equally as awesome!

First up, activities. I run through what places are offering deals, visit their website and read the reviews. If it looks like it is something that we could be interested in, then I’m all in! We’ve gotten dinner cruises, dolphin cruises, admission to museums, just to name a few. And the thing is (and I am being honest here), if I didn’t particularly enjoy our time I don’t feel so bad because I didn’t pay full price!

Food. One of your biggest expenses during travel is FOOD! I bought several really good Groupons for food of which I would absolutely go back again! A deli in Chattanooga, dinner in a cruise in New Jersey and Hibachi in Orlando, I got some great deals and even better experiences, which made my trip better. And specifically each one of those places has some AWESOME food! Great, now I’m hungry. I had the best chicken wrap at the deli in Chattanooga, the food on the cruise in New Jersey was phenomenal and the Hibachi was delicious and entertaining.

Hotels. I have yet to purchase a hotel stay off Groupon as the timing for those great deals interferes with other plans, but I can say that the deals that I do see are awesome! You can saving in upwards for 50% off hotels stays! Be sure to check the calendar and fine print, you don’t want to be surprise when you get there with any additional fee’s that you didn’t read beforehand. Take it from me, I’ve learned the hard way!

Travel deals! Ughh, how I weep internally as I see trips to China, London and Ireland pop-up in my email. Don’t get me wrong, the deals are pretty awesome! But someone hasn’t applied for her passport yet, so, on US soil I stay. But look at these deals! Under $1000/person including airfare!



Please note that most of these leave out of NY, but I believe if you call the company that they can reroute you, for an additional charge (I assume). Also, you can double-check this but several of the companies that Groupon works with to get these deals offer children fee’s at a lesser cost. SCORE! I will be going overseas… Once I get my passport. 😉

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About Stacey

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