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I’m big on saving money and not wasting my time. I hate to spend unnecessary time doing things that aren’t necessary in this day in age. For instance, I pay all my bills online. There is no need for me to waste my time and gas running around paying bills when I can do that from the comfort of my own home. Online shopping, I order off Amazon religiously. Like literally weekly. If it’s an item that I can get online and cheap, then I am all about it. Online has become the cornerstone of information, convenience and in the end a great money saver. Even purchasing a car has become easier, especially with sites like, where you can research, gaining valuable information before purchasing a new or used vehicle. Get the ins and outs and go into it feeling comfortable and confident with your decision.

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Saving Time

So how does actually save you time? Certainly if you’re like any person who walks this Earth and has access to the internet then you know you can spend some time on the internet. But let me just give you an example. So, when I was young I recall my parents in the market several times purchasing a car (I guess if the has resources like then they wouldn’t have needed to be in the market several times). I remember us wasting weekend after weekend going from car lot to car lot looking at cars. It wasn’t fun, it took all day and in kid time that’s like, forever. My partner and I don’t have that problem. We would have been on, looking at our options and weighing the pros and cons BEFORE setting foot on a lot, or from meeting up with a private seller.

That’s goes right into another pro; you’re not restricted to one source, you have countless dealers and private sellers in your area all on one site. Which now reduces the time of looking here and there and everywhere. Now instead of blindly going to look for a vehicle, you’re going out to look at the exact vehicle you want to look at.

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Saving Money

So I am sure you’re wondering how researching on will save you money. It’s simple really. For one, you’re researching, so you’re seeing what these vehicles are going for. The Price Comparison tool is a great tool to use on With this tool, you can see what this car is going for in your area, other “like” cars, along with if the price for which it is selling for is above or below the asking price.

You can also view the Carfax Report on most of the vehicles, thus allowing you to determine if it is the vehicle for you with the history it has had. You also get to see how other consumers have rated the car, with reviews. So you can get a more personal perspective from other consumers, versus relying only on the information that the seller is giving you.

It’s a win-win. You get the information you need. You go into purchasing a car knowing what you’re getting into, so the likelihood of getting scammed is low. You save time. You can research while the kids are in bed, shoot, while you’re in bed, in your PJ’s, comfortable. So what do you do once you find the car you want on You use that time to actually take that car for a road trip 😉



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