It’s not easy eating out when you’re pescatarian, which is what myself and family recently became. If you’re unfamiliar with pescatarian, it’s when you exclude meat from your diet with the exception of fish and seafood. We’re more vegetarians than anything, we only indulge in fish and seafood occasionally.  It’s actually becoming a sort of challenge to see what I can find at restaurants that will fit my diet and also in my price range. One a recent busy weekday, my family and I did just that and headed to our local Applebees to try their 2 for 25 menu.

I received complimentary meals for my family to facilitate a review. As always, my opinions are my own

Initially we were going to order from the 2 for 20 menu but only seen dishes with meat in it. The 2 for 25 menu had 1 dish with shrimp, so my boyfriend and I got that. Included with the 2 for 25 meal is;

1- appetizer or 2-side salads



We started with my favorite Applebees appetizer. Spinach and Artichoke Dip.

I love that Applebees had kept the same recipe for years now. I’ve had some favorites from other restaurants that have changed their recipes, which didn’t quite satisfy me. I enjoyed the fact that they stayed true to their recipe, thus allowing me to know whenever I return I know what I’m going to get. Of course this is vegetarian and pescaterian friendly. If you’re a vegetarian and that appetizer isn’t to your liking, then they also have onion rings, salads and mozzarella sticks to choose from when ordering from the 2 for 20 or 2 for 25 menu.


For the entree that we both received, we got the Firecracker Shrimp Cavatappi. I will tell you, looks can be deceiving. The photo is small on the menu and you could definitely see the shrimp. What you can’t see is the mountain of pasta that it is on. Our waitress did inform us that it is a pasta dish and most people who order it don’t realize that it is a pasta dish. We were okay with it being a pasta dish, but holy mountain of pasta, it was a lot. If I could compare to portion of a size from a box that one would cook at home, I’d say it was at least half a box.

We ate the shrimp but literally only ate a few bites of the pasta. On the plus side, I have lunch for work for the rest of the week. With the amount of pasta aside, the overall taste was good. The dish was mixed with a sriracha Parmesan sauce, and was topped with chopped zucchini, red onions, and peppers. Personally, I would have liked more of the veggies on top, and the pasta cut in half.

Kids Meal

My son is no exception to being a pescatarian. The kids menu has a few options that would satisfy his diet. Of course with him being a lover of cheese he chose Mac-n-Cheese for his entree. With the kids meals, they can also chose a side and drink. He chose water and cheese sticks. He ate is all and was too full for dessert, which tells me the amount was perfect for him. Here are some  other options that satisfy a vegetarian/pescetarian diet; Grilled Cheese, Caesar Salad and Fried Shrimp.


If you are a vegetarian or pescatarian, you can order anything off the 2 for 20 or 2 for 25 menu and just have is served without the meat. It wasn’t until after we received our entree that I asked if I could have chosen a different entree and replaced the chicken with shrimp. Our waitress said that was allowed, so keep that in mind when you go. They’re all on the same menu anyway, so a cost difference shouldn’t come into play.

Final Thoughts

I would recommend Applesbees 2 for 25 menu. It’s a low-cost, with great options that can be altered to meet the needs of a Vegetarian or pescatarian’s diet. We enjoyed our visit, received quick and good service. Actually, when I really think back to the times I’ve visited Applebees in the past, I can’t think of a moment where I received bad service.

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