Magic Sketch: Boogie Board Review

Remember when you were a kid and technology consisted of the Oregon Trail in 7th grade computer class with Mr. Ford? Oh, wait a minute. That just goes for me. Well, you get my drift, right? I remember when I was a lot younger, around the tender age of 8 and we played outside all. day. long. If we were inside we were playing with our toys, like the Etch-a-Sketch and Brite-Lite. Whatever we did, we used our imaginations are were born creators. It’s not like that anymore. Kid’s are consumed with electronics, videos, phones, and games. I don’t get it, as I sit here on my computer with the TV on and checking my phone every 5 minutes.

I just don’t get it. 😉

I received a Magic Sketch to facilitate a review, as always, my opinions are my own 

But let’s get back to the toys we played with when we were younger, like the Etch-a-Sketch. It was awesome, right? You can draw and draw, give it a little shake and start all over again. It was simple, yet fun. Well, if you loved that, then you’ll love Magic Sketch for your kids. It’s like a etch-a-sketch and a tablet had a baby, it’s awesome.

One of the reasons why I thought this toy would be perfect for my son is so when we travel he has something to do. Tablets and phones die, and now-a-days (I sound old) looking out the window is nonexistent (which I don’t get, I totally look out the window the whole time). With that being said, the Magic Sketch has a battery life of 7 YEARS! That puppy ain’t failing you… well, not until after 7 years.

So far, since I gave it to my son he hasn’t put it down. We went to the library and he played with it in the car. We got home, and he played with it after homework, he thinks it’s awesome that it creates the different colors when he writes. With the Magic Sketch you get stencils, styluses, roller and stamps. The screen is see thru, so you can trace and you can clear the screen with the push of a button. Simple to use, to say the least. The Magic Sketch is extremely durable too. Like the kind of durable that you can step on. We didn’t test that part out, but if I treat it anything like my phone I am sure to drop it at some point in the near future.

All-in-all, I totally recommend Magic Sketch. It is the perfect toy to purchase for a child. It is inexpensive, durable, the battery is long-last and it keeps them busy for hours. Amazing toy to being when traveling for sure!

Want the perfect gift for your child? You can get one for $29.99 (plus shipping) from:


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About Stacey

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