Why I LOVE Southwest Airline

I have to take a moment to express my love for Southwest Airlines. They are by far my FAVORITE domestic airline. So here are 8 reasons to show you why YOU should LOVE Southwest Airlines too!

1. Companion Pass– Southwest has the best companion pass. There are some tricks to getting it quickly. I actually shared how you can do so HERE. With the companion pass, you can have a designated companion fly (in this case, my son) with you for FREE for almost 2 years! Note, You will be responsible for the the 9/11 security fee and annual credit card fees.  There are a few other airlines that offer a companion pass, but it is usually for one flight only (i.e Delta). With the Southwest Companion Pass, my son will fly with me for free on at least 6+ round trip flights. It can be a lot more if my work schedule coincides with Southwest’s Low-Fare Calendar. D.C, Denver, New Orleans, Chicago and Puerto Rico are currently some of our FREE flights. Without the Companion Pass, we wouldn’t be going to all these places as I could never afford it!

2. Southwest Rapid Reward Points – I am able to earn rapid reward points to use towards free flights for myself or another companion. My boyfriend will accompany us on a couple of flights for free, using my southwest rapid reward points.  You can learn how to earn more points by clicking HERE.

3. Southwest will credit you if your booked flight goes down in price. I’m crossing my fingers that my Puerto Rico trip flight goes down so that I can get a few more flights with my points before the year ends. But this is an added bonus as most airlines will NOT credit you if your flight goes down from when you bought it. I literally just gained 4k points back from a flight that I noticed went down. You will have to do the leg work and keep your eye on your flight to see if it goes down in price. All you have to do is call customer service and let them know your confirmation number so that they can adjust accordingly. Also note what that difference is online, as they may be looking at something different. The representative I spoke to was only going to adjust the two flights 500 points each, but in all it was actually a difference of 2K/flight. There are flights for under 4k, so I just added a whole other flight for this year!

4.Two FREE Checked Bags. In a time where airlines’ baggage fees can cost more than the actual flight, it is a gift from God that Southwest allows you to check two bags for FREE. In addition, you get to bring a carry-on and a personal item. This just goes to show you how other airlines will try to nickel and dime you! This works especially well for me as my son visits his grandparents up North during the Summer.

5.Low Fares. Through my research, I’ve noticed that Southwest has better rates compared to major airlines. Their rates can even be cheaper than the discount airlines if you consider all the extra that can be tagged on  (i.e baggage, specified seats). To get the best deals with Southwest, keep an eye on their Low Fare Calendar.

6.Transparency. Southwest just puts it all out there. Taxes and all! The fares you see online are the actual fares you will pay! Not $60 flights and then when you’re ready to book they add another $40! I love knowing what I am getting into, no surprise fees.

7.Flying Southwest. I have flown Southwest several times. They are my favorite airline, even compared to some of the other major airlines. I have always felt safe traveling with them and always have a comfortable ride. In all the times that I have flown with them, I have never had a complaint.

8.Great Customer Service.  I have always had a great experience with Southwest associates (whether it is online, on the phone, in the airport and on the plane). They’ve always kept it professional, courteous, and made sure I was a satisfied customer.  

So these are 8 reasons why I LOVE Southwest Airlines and why I chose them to be my #1 domestic airline. I’m sure if I sat here longer I could come up with several more. I’d love to hear what YOU love about Southwest airlines or who your favorite airline is. Let me know in  the comments. You may know something I don’t and I LOVE information. I’m like a traveling sponge over here, soaking up all the info I can.

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Jenn Barry at
Great info on SW, thanks for sharing! I love the info on companion passes and flight price credits. We travel the country in an RV, but occasionally fly to see family so I'll have to remember this.

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About Stacey

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