Last Minute Deal. Lasting Impression. Our Stay at Cambria Hotel & Suites

We recently visited Denver. I got a great price on plane tickets for my family of 3 (I think I used less than 20k Southwest points on the 3 of us). Amazing deal! Anyhoo, I booked and did nothing for months. No planning, no hotel, nothing. Only thing that was for sure is that we were going to get there, and I would have a car. The day of leaving, while I was at work I figured now would be a good time to book a hotel.

But it’s last minute, right? So I’m going to pay an arm and a leg for waiting.

Not necessarily. There are so many resources now that if you pay full price at any moment you’re insane!

Cue Hotwire!

So, to give you a little background. I was totally on the fence about using Hotwire. I thought I wasn’t going to get a good deal or would be placed in some roach infested hotel. I did come close in the past (don’t trust a 2.5 star, even if it list similar hotels that you’ve actually stayed at). If you stay in the 4-star or higher, I think you’re good. We did a 3.5 before and got lucky, but that was in Vegas where there are a million hotels in a one block radius.

Using Hotwire’s Hot Rate deals can be a lifesaver, and it was just that for me when I was in Denver. At the last minute, I got a suite, for $80/night! But it was from a hotel that I’ve never heard of. That’s okay though, I quickly researched it and felt comfortable. And if I felt truly unhappy, I know that Hotwire will refund me my money (they will as long as the hotel gives the okay).

So let’s get to Cambria.

S/N: My camera malfunctioned, aka ran out of batteries. These are from my camera phone, sorry for the poor quality.

We arrived late and were ready to lay down, arriving about 10:30 PM on a Friday night. The hotel lobby had a fresh and modern design and was very pleasing to the eye. Here they offered 2 computers for the guests to use, a TV, a small shop (to get all those things that you may have forgotten) and a bar/deli to grab a late night snack (or drink, whatever you’re into).

Some of the food came with a cost, we decided to hit up a Applebees that was down the street and called it a night. Luckily our room was equipped with a small fridge and microwave so we could keep our leftovers.  

The hotel had a small indoor pool and gym too. The gym had a decent variety of equipment to use. The pool was on the small side, but sufficient.

They also offered breakfast (at an additional cost of $9.99/person). We saved some money and ate leftovers for breakfast and bought donuts from a Walmart down the street. But as we made our way to thr lobby in the morning you could smell the breakfast and it smelled great. 

Our room was so spacious. I loved it! We could legitimately fit 3 more people. 2 queen beds, 1 pullout couch and even 2 TV’s. It also had a desk, cordless phone, and it was designed nicely. When we came back to the room, I could watch something on one TV and my boyfriend could watch something else on the other or my son could. I was beautiful, everyone had space. Most importantly, it was clean!

I felt at home. Comfortable. Safe. It’s about 10 minutes from the airport and in walking distance of restaurants and stores (or a short drive). I was totally pleased with my stay! And even though you’re not in the downtown area of Denver, it doesn’t mean that it’s bad thing. Denver was probably 10-15 minutes away. We had a cheaper rate, free parking and way more room than what I would have gotten from a hotel downtown.
And the staff! From the moment we stepped foot thru the door they were great! I didn’t run into one employee who didn’t seem like a happy employee. If they weren’t then they sure know how to hide it! Amazing customer service. Polite, willing to help, kept the place clean and the atmosphere pleasant.

Needless to say,  I would totally recommend staying here. I’d also recommend getting a deal in Hotwire, I’ve had luck with them the past few times that I’ve used them. If you want to know more about Cambria Hotel & Suites Denver International Airport, then check them out HERE.

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About Stacey

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