I recently took my son to Michigan to visit my mom. He spends a few weeks with her and then heads to Ohio to visit his other grandmother. We flew into Detroit and took the 1.5 hour drive to my hometown. Luckily for me, my drive was smooth and I got my son there safely and myself back to Detroit Airport safely. Making my way through Michigan in Toyota’s 2017 RAV4 was comfortable, pleasant and I felt safe. It was my first time in a RAV4 and is my favorite car that I’ve reviewed to date, with that being said, here is what you should know before you jump in a RAV4.

I received the opportunity to drive the car for the weekend to facilitate a review. As always, my opinions are my own


As always, safety is my #1 priority when driving a car and safety is what I got when driving Toyota’s RAV4. While noticing a trend lately when driving cars, there are a ton of safety features that not only allow your ride to be more enjoyable, but also keep you and your passengers safe. So instance, the car is equipped with the blind spot feature on the side-view mirrors, along with indications that will alert on the dash.

Also notable in other vehicles, the rear-facing camera allows you to reverse with ease while keeping it safer for yourself and surroundings. But like I mentioned, its in a lot of cars nowadays, but what makes Toyota’s RAV4 so special? Not only does it have a rear-facing camera, it also has a camera that let’s you the sides of your vehicle too, or when looking at it, giving a bird’s-eye view, making it sooo much easier for view. I really like this view better since you get more of a view of the area.

The Toyota Rav4 is equipped with 8 airbags! Which includes an airbag for the drivers knees, Who would have thought! Oh, and let me not fail to mention that the RAV4 also alerts you when someone unbuckle, even in the back, which is great for those of us who have kids who can be curious.

The Lane Departure Feature is another favorite. Alerting you when you cross into another lane. I find this feature great for the mutitasker, who needs to give the child in the back their snack, grab their cup of coffee or change the station on the radio. Whatever it may be, there is also that person who when their body moves a little to the side, the car does too. Whatever the case may be, it’s a plus to have the extra safety feature.

Overall the Toyota RAV4 scored 5 stars on the NHTSA Rating, with a 4 star for forward facing accidents, 5 star on side facing and 4 on rollover (or single car crashes). As I was reviewing the NHTSA site, I did note that there were complaints about the exterior lights, I never had an issue with them, although the standard lights seemed like high beams at first. Clearly that is great for the driver, but may not be so great for oncoming traffic.


If I could rate the comfort of the Toyota RAV4 from 1 (being the lowest) and 5 (being the highest) then I’d give it a 10. Oh my God, if I owned one I would seriously drive to the beach at least once a month and camp out…

in the car. It’s that comfortable.

So the front seats have great space, allows you to adjust and you can even lock in the seat preference. Great right? And not too different from other vehicle, huh? But let’s talk the back seats.

Back seat are not always a fan favorite to sit in, especially when there are more than 2 people in the back. Toyota must have taken note because not only are the comfortable to sit in, you can also adjust the seats and lean back. Perfect for an adult rider who is sitting behind the person who needs the extra leg room, or great for a person who wants to relax and enjoy the ride! I find this feature amazing for a road-trip.


I love the space that this crossover has. A two-row vehicle with great space in the back.

See, you fit luggage and children comfortably in the back.

This picture is deceiving, you could totally fit another child. šŸ˜‰

But seriously, you can fit all the sports and beach gear, groceries, comfortably in the back. And I love this feature, not sure what to call it but you basically can cover what you have in the back so passerby’s (is that even a word?) can’t see it when looking in.

Under the hood

It’s not often that I actually look under the hood, until my stepfather asked to see it. I was glad he did as it is something that I typically don’t think about. When I did pop the hood it was a pleasant surprise to see how open it was. Easy for a mechanic to work on and making it just overall easy to move around in there. It wasn’t really questionable what-was-what, I could see everything clearly with ample room to get to each area.

But what is “under the hood” is a 2.4L 4–Cyl engine. You can get the car in either AWD or FWD.

Gas MileageĀ 

You get 26 MPG for highway miles, which doesn’t seem great. I feel like I drove a great distance on 3/4 of a tank.


Toyota hits the ball out of the park with the RAV4 being stylish. The exterior offers a crisp, chiseled sporty look, while the interior offers leather seats and leather interior that not only looks great but is easier to care for. The front seats are heated, as well we the leather-bound steering wheel is too. The RAV4 is equipped with a sunroof, power windows and locks and a push button start with key-less entry.


The RAV4 offers a touch screen where you can program your destination with the integrated GPS (not really entertainment, but I’ll just mention it here since it’s on the same screen). Speaking of GPS, you can get your directions on the dash in front of you as well, making it easier to keep you eyes on the road (added safety feature). The RAV4 is equipped with not only a FM/AM radio, but also a Sirius XM Radio, and the option to sync your phone to your car; of which you can make calls, receive messages, and access your music apps (such as Pandora) right on the touch screen (of which you have controls on your steering wheel too).

So, do I like Toyota’s 2017 RAV4?


I LOVE Toyota’s 2017 RAV4. I felt so comfortable in it, it has the perfect amount of space for myself and my family and is so in sync with my needs that I feel like it was made just for me. I would totally recommend Toyota’s RAV4Ā if you’re in the market for w new vehicle. I would think it would be a great size for a family of 4 or less. You can totally fit 5 people in the car, but to drive it on a regular basis and to make the entire crew comfortable then 4 or less is what I would recommend.

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