Kid’s Cooking Classes at Maggiano’s Little Italy

We love cooking… and eating. My son is often curious with cooking and either asks how something is made or wants to contribute to the process. I’ve taken him to several children’s cooking classes and he has always enjoyed them, and not only the food, the experience itself. Recently we were invited to a Kid’s Cooking Class at Maggiano’s Little Italy, and we had a blast! I wanted to share with you all the reason why you should be taking your kids to Maggiano’s Little Italy Kid’s Cooking Classes.

I was invited to participate in a Kid’s Cooking Class at Maggiano’s Little Italy. All opinions are my own.

Get Crafty

As soon as you arrive, your child can express their artistic side by decorating their own chef hat. My son declined the offer, but was a sport and wore his chefs hat like a champ. They’ll also be equipped with a disposable apron, you know, in case they’re really into it and it shows 😉

It’s Maggiano’s. Food, food and food

If you’ve never visited a Maggiano’s Little Italy restaurant before, then you’re missing out. In general they feed you like any Italian grandmother would, until you get stuffed. The kid’s cooking classes are on exception to the rule. Like I mentioned above, we’ve been to cooking classes at other places, and although good, we didn’t get to eat there and then make something to take home too! Before you roll your sleeves up, you can enjoy a lunch buffet that consisted (for us, it may be different at the various locations) Caesar Salad, chicken fingers, cheese ravioli’s, and pasta with Alfredo sauce. We also were able to get drinks and received some very tasty desserts. That in itself was a reason to visit Maggiano’s! But again, that’s just BEFORE you learn and create you delicious meal.

Let’s Get Cooking!

Your children will have everything they need to create their special meal. With the direction of one of Maggiano’s knowledgeable chefs. They are very attentive and didn’t hesitate to answer any questions. They took their time and stopped by each child to ensure they were doing the step correctly and would even give pointers to make it easier in the kitchen. I really like that they just didn’t just pile the kids up in a room and set some instructions out for them to follow. It was very much a class and definitely worth attending.

Special Diet?

We are pescaterian, so we eat fish and seafood, but no other type of meat. Mainly we follow a vegetarian diet, but a couple of times a week is when we eat fish. I notified Maggiano’s of our diet prior to attending the class and was grateful that they make sautéed veggies for our lasagna that we created while everyone else had meat. The amount vegetables we had were a hefty amount as well, and the amount of meat that the attendants who had meat had a hefty amount too. It is Italian after all, you’re going to eat well. 😉

Would I go Again?

I personally take any opportunity to visit Maggiano’s Little Italy. I think you get more bang of your buck and they make you feel like you’re at home. The same goes for the kid’s cooking classes, the price is totally worth it. Between the food that you get that they serve, the experience and the actual food that you bring home (which in our case fed our family of 3), you get what you pay for and then some. I absolutely would give it two thumbs up!

The kid’s cooking classes start around $20 (differs per event). You can check out the local classes for Atlanta HERE.


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