How Children Change Travel

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mammas out there! I hope your day is as great as you are! The other day I was sitting here thinking of how much my son has changed my life, my perspective of life, of which one of those perspectives are TRAVEL! I have every intention of seeing this beautiful world with my son. To see him grow through experiences, to touch what we learn in history books. To look at the globe and say, “I’ve been there!”. To learn the ways of different cultures, religion and respect them. He has made me open my eyes more and to really take it all in, to appreciate the beauty of the world that God has created. I hope that this little travel bug will live on in him, as he speaks already about travel when he gets older. He mentions that he wants to travel the world on motorcycle, feeding the hungry.


As I haven’t really traveled as much pre-child, I wondered how travel has changed those with the Wanderlust after they had children. So, I asked a group of travel moms this very question.

How did having children change your perspective on travel?


Being able to travel with my baby has made me stronger as a Mom and allowed us to bond in new ways…bringing us even closer together. I’ve gained a whole new level of confidence as a traveller knowing I’m able to take on whatever life gives us . I’ve been able to look at travel through the eyes of this little curious, growing guy and it’s allowed me to slow down and really appreciate all of our new adventures. You can follow Ladan’s travels on Instagram at @ladanmylove


For us it’s more about sharing something that both my husband love to do when we can. It’s about showing her what’s out there, how other people live, languages, adventures, experiences. There’s education you can’t get from books and you get it from traveling.



It showed me that having a child does not mean you have to give up on your travel dreams. We were told so many times to do all our travelling before we had kids as if having them would forever ruin any future adventures we might want to undertake. I’m so glad we didn’t listen to this advice and have happily been on many trips (both near and far) with our little boy in tow (although these days it’s us having to try keep up with him). There is something magical about getting to show him what this world has to offer and for him to experience it first hand (instead of through books or TV). It has taught me to be more patient and I have had to learn that just because something has not gone exactly according to plan, it doesn’t mean that the experience is any less important or exciting. There are so many places we’ve been to and activities we’ve done that we would’ve overlooked if we didn’t have our boy. He has really shown us how to ‘slow down and smell the roses/stones/insects/sticks/leftover pieces of food’). Travel is different with a kid – it’s better. You can follow Jessica on Instagram at @lollipopsworld.


13119103_10153316706831191_4740401759278472722_n (1)

When I was in my teens and early 20’s I was a world backpacker, traveling solo and partying it up everywhere I went. Finally I settled down in the states and had two wonderful boys, at age 2 and 4 we decided to go on a backpacking adventure. 6 months in and I have learned so much, having children does change your perspective on traveling. It most certainly is different from when I was younger, but it’s amazing. I see so much, I get to watch their eyes light up as we see the world. I hear them talking about cool things they want to see and do, places they want to visit. I’m happy I traveled a lot when I was younger and partied myself out so that now, I’m taking in all the history and beauty of traveling minus the all night parties and hangovers. I get to snuggle up with the kids at night and ask them what they liked the most about our day, give them new foods and develop their palates. The most important thing is I get to be with them and teach them 24/7 this time I will never get again, one day their will be teenagers who are too cool to hang out and snuggle their mommy but for now they can’t get enough of my attention. Follow Soolin on Instagram @wanderlustandkids



While I still travel after having kids (solo, with spouse, and with the kids), I notice that I am less reckless after having kids. My trips are still adventurous, but I find that I am more conscious of health and safety while traveling than I was before kids. It reminds me how much I value their lives and well-being, as well as my own ability to be there for them. Other than that, I still travel, but now have a desire to instill a love of travel and seeking new experiences in them too, and I get to see the world in a different way when I see it through their eyes! Follow Ramona’s travels in Instagram at @fabeverydayblog


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I have always loved to travel and if I have not taken a trip in a while I start getting stir crazy. Now with a little (just turned 2) and pregnant I still have a need for travel she has been on 10 trips flying, 2 cruises and just used her passport! We love to travel see new things, eat yummy food and meet new people/friends. I refused to not travel just because I have a munchkin in tow I have embraced the backpack as a diaper bag and baby wearing!


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Having a child has made me so much more thankful for all of the trips that my parents took me on as a child. It is so amazing to introduce the world to your kid(s) but it can also be a lot of work to take care of the details! I am so thankful that my parents took the time and energy to take me and my siblings around the world. I know without a shadow of a doubt that it shaped who I am today. Follow Allison’s adventures in Instagram @mrsalisonford


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He’s my favorite travel buddy! Having a kid made me realize that it’s my responsibility to raise him to be a good citizen of the world. I try to expose him to the world and new experiences through travel. I see a huge difference in how he views the world compared to the way his friends that don’t get to travel view it. He’s more accepting, more welcoming and more courageous. My baby is always ready to go and is up for any adventure! Follow Ami and her son on Instagram @kamaraami


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I love looking at the world through their eyes and experience things for the first time again!  I feel it’s my responsibility to show them there’s more out there than what and where they are. I want them to know the world is at their fingertips and they can experience it now! Follow Gladys and her little’s on Instagram @squeakylily


I’m going to be traveling with my step daughter for the first time next summer. She wants to do a big Africa trip, I often just go and figure things out as I travel but since I’ll be taking her on this trip I’ve started planning already, over a year until we travel LOL.


13125011_10153348316706685_1930351597887741987_n (1)

I feel it’s my responsibility to raise caring global citizens so I try to give my children as many cultural experiences as possible, which means travel is a necessary part of our lives.


13138781_852276978234666_903157588052245870_n (1)

18 months, 18 flights. Travel is different really only in the way that I have slowed the pace once we get to wherever we are. Mainly now because my son wants to walk by himself everywhere but he is teaching me more about focusing on little things and talking more with the locals. Follow Kristin and her sidekick on Instagram @kbelt

As you can see, traveling with children is a beautiful experience that you can share with your little one’s. It’s something that will stay with you and them for the rest of their lives. It’s not a hobby, it’s a way of life. Happy Mother’s Day to all my traveling moms!

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robin masshole mommy at
Traveling with kids is a completely different experience from traveling without them. I love taking my kids places, though - it's just all that extra stuff I need to pack ;)
Amanda at
Children really do change travel. It takes more planning for sure, but the reward of adventuring with them is so worth it!
karen at
Loving the theme of this post - and how you were able to incorporate so many opinions and thoughts! All the different ideas from parents were so interesting to read! Karen |
michele at
It is so nice that you still travel even though you have children. Some of my favorite memories were traveling when I was younger. It's a lot of fun! Great post xx Michele from
Terri Steffes at
Agreed! My daughter, 8 months old at the time, rode 12 hours straight with me while her dad was injured from a water skiing accident. I knew then she would be a most excellent travel partner. Thirty years later, I was right!
Ana De- Jesus at
It is true, when you have children on your trips you are more conscious of health and safety. Rightly so but children are never too young to go on an adventure and it is great that are introducing them to it at a young age!
Blythe A. at
I remember when my brother talked about how their baby would be flexible with their schedule. He learned better. I think taking your kids on trips is great, but you also have to be sensible and make everyone will enjoy it.
Di at
I don't have kids but as someone who now lives 6000 miles away from "home" I can tell you that I have travelled. I really wish we'd travelled more as a family when I was young though, that experience is invaluable IMO.
Mimi at
Wow, what amazing stories! I've never traveled out of the States with my kids. I wish I had the money to have done so. My kids are all getting older, and don't have any way to do that at this point. I thought maybe going to the Bahamas next year with my older girls and aunt. That would be fun.
    EatMakeTravel at
    Cruises can be cheap!
Amanda Love at
I actually travel a lot more now than before I had my kids. Before kids I was busy working all the time. Now that I'm retired I find that I have a lot more time and it's fun traveling with the kids.
Denea at
Yes, I have heard many times-- Travel the world before you have kids. Me and my husband travel and sometimes we take the kids and sometimes we don't! We love it either way!
Debra at
For me the biggest change was the amount of stuff we bring! I used to be able to pack everything into a carry on!
michele at
My parents used to take me and my brother out of school for trips to see all sorts of things... I learned so much more on those trips than I did in school! And the memories of time together are priceless!
Heather at
We haven't done a lot of travel with our little ones. I know that at some point we will, but it hasn't been the right time for us yet. I definitely admire all the people who travel constantly with their kids! What a wonderful life experience for the whole family!
Rachel at
I love these stories! Adventure is out there - why not experience it with your Littles?
Deb-It’s me, debcb at
Children change just about everything. We looked at travel with our little one as an opportunity to show her all kinds of different places in the world.
tp keane at
Travelling with children can be amazing... so long as you're not going to boring old museums or sitting around talking to older people for hours lol. Adventure is the name of the game and I love it.
Jill Conyers at
Traveling is different with children but not as much for us as it is for some of our friends. My kids are great travelers and we all kind of love the same things.
Paula at
We've taken our son on a few trips, and while it was hard when he was younger, it is easier now that he's 5. He likes packing his suitcase and going on an adventure. I like what the one mom said about raising a citizen of the world; I agree, I want to take my son to Israel so he can see the world and understand history in a new way.
Traveling with kids can be hard but it's so nice to be able to show them different things and places. They really enjoy it.
laura londergan at
I have so many places that I hope to take my daughter. I love an adventure and so does she - just need the funds to get to all the places ;)
    EatMakeTravel at
    I feel you!!!
Ron Leyba at
Truly a different, challenging and amazing experience. Thanks for sharing some of this stories/tips about traveling with kids/children.
CourtneyLynne at
Omg I love this!!!! I get excited when traveling with my daughter, but it definitely took my hubby awhile to warm up to the idea. Now that we have been traveling with her for some time now, he definitely feels silly about being scared to bring her places lol
Sheena Tatum at
What great pictures of even greater adventures. We took our children with us everywhere we went, even when they were small. It does change the WAY you travel but shouldn't change IF you travel.
    EatMakeTravel at
Chelsea Damon at
It's true, children make travel a lot more challenging, but I love having the opportunities to make memories with my son! Great post!
    EatMakeTravel at
    Yes, my son is my side-kick, and I have the most fun with him!!
Toughcookiemommy at
I loved to travel before having children and I think I enjoy it even more now that I am a mother. I enjoy having those experiences with my boys and seeing the world through their eyes.

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