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While being on vacation, you always have to try some of the restaurants in the place that you are visiting. On our recent trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama, I was told that we HAD to go to The Hangout, that is it a must when visiting Gulf Shores. Sitting along the beach, The Hangout is more than just food, it is also a place where you can…hangout.

Perfect for lunch or dinner, we ended up eating here for lunch during our visit. Please know that you will be overly stuffed when you leave. The menu an array of choices from sandwiches, burgers, and entrees, but ultimately if you’re on the Gulf you may want to indulge in some seafood.

The Food
The food here is phenomenal. You get generous portions that will have you feeling full for the rest of the day. My son went classic and got the hot dog and fries from the kids meal. You can add on a kid’s milkshake for a few extra bucks that comes with a very cool souvenir cup. The milkshake was pretty popular seeing as the little girl at the table next to us noticed my son drinking his and got one too.  My son inhaled his food, but what kid wouldn’t with a hot dog and fries.

My friend and I each got something different and shared it with each other, this way we could try 2 different items. She got the fried shrimp and fries and I got the Shaka Shrimp Wrap with fries.

OMG. So good.
The fried shrimp came with shaka sauce on the side and it was heavenly. I like to think of it as the Chick-fil-a sauce for shrimp. Or Shrimp-fil-a sauce. The shrimp were fried to perfection and tasted unbelievably fresh (I mean, there previous home was literally steps away 😉 ) The fries were golden crisp! I hate when you go somewhere and their fries are like handheld mashed potatoes, all soft and mushy. The Hangout makes them just right!

The wrap was equally as good, and didn’t feel so heavy to eat, so the perfect thing to eat at lunch. It also had fried shrimp, but could be substituted with chicken. But I must add, if you are a shrimp eater, then please don’t substitute it with anything else!

The Place

Walking up to The Hangout will have you feeling like you’re entering your friends backyard. You know, the one who has EVERYTHING. Games, a bubble machine, sand pit, fire pits, stages for live music/events and a ton of opportunities for a photo opp. To top it off, they even have beach access. All these are just on the outside! There was even a family across from us that went to the beach while they waited for their food.

This is my kind of place.
The decor is totally rad. With hundreds of lunch boxes lining the walls, a very open space and seating is never a problem as they have a huge area full of long picnic tables in addition to tradition dining tables. They also have a porch that you can eat at too, which gives you a great view of the ocean and a cool breeze.

Although we went at lunch time and had a great visit, I can’t imagine how it is at night with the fire pits lit and the music going with the cool ocean breeze.

ughh. I need to go back.

If you are ever in Gulf Shores, do NOT pass up The Hangout! I repeat, do NOT pass up The Hangout. It is a staple to Gulf Shores and so much more than a restaurant. It’s a friendly place to go and spend the afternoon with the family, a place where you can unwind with good company and good food. It’s a place where you can just go and hangout.

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