First Day of Summer Fun: Six Flags over Georgia
Summer is officially here (for us)! And our first day of summer was off the a great start! We were invited to a media day at Six Flags over Georgia and had a complete and utter blast! The day couldn’t have been more perfect either, the weather was perfect; not too hot and not cold with the sun shining high. It was such a memorable day. Here are some great reasons to visit Six Flags over Georgia this summer!
The Rides
Well of course! Whatever reason would you be going? Okay, I know everyone isn’t into roller coaster, but at Six Flags over Georgia there is something that everyone will enjoy! We couldn’t ride every ride due to my son not meeting the height guidelines but that didn’t stop us from having fun! This was actually a milestone for us. My son ride his first BIG roller coaster!!!
This was the highlight of our day! His reaction was PRICELESS and UNFORGETTABLE! I warned him of what the ride was going to do so that he would be prepared, so I don’t know if that helped or not. He laughed and smiled so much and when it was all over he repeatedly said, “THAT WAS AWESOME! THAT WAS SOO AWESOME!” It was a great first experience that I know I will remember forever and that I hope he remembers forever too.
But for someone who isn’t into roller coasters at all, there a plenty of options for you to enjoy your day like,; Harley Quinn Spinsanity, Hanson Cars, Monster Mansion, and the Riverside Carousel to name a few.
I got really upset, because as I was looking at Six Flags site (after we left) and  seen we missed a few rides and attractions that I know my little guy would have loved. Oh well. More reason to go back, right?!?
A Superhero Fan’s Dreamland!
This is the place, for every super hero fan! My son, who is obsessed with all things super hero, no matter which one it may be, loved all the themed rides, stores etc! Your boy (and girls. Hey, Wonder Women was a tough cookie!) will feel like they’re in Gotham City!
Unfortunately we couldn’t ride the new ride, The Joker CHAOS Coaster, but we did ride Harley Quinn Spinsanity, which is basically the Tilt-A-Whirl and Mind Bender too. As of now, you can ride BATMAN backwards! That’s something I really wanted to do that too, but obviously my little guy is too small, so we had to pass. However, that’s another reason to go back, but kid free!
Kid’s Six Flags
Whenever you think of a theme park, you think of big roller coasters and a few kids coasters. Not true for Six Flags over Georgia! Luckily we had a couple friends come with us so my son could enjoy with them (which they did) together. My son loved all the rides that they could enjoy in the kids section.
Some of the rides were meant for the whole family, but I think they got a kick that a few they could ride alone, and we weren’t allowed.
They literally laughed and smiled the whole time!
Keeping Cool
One of the things that I love about Six Flags is the amount of shade that the park has from all the trees. This is a big deal when you are experiencing Six Flags on a hot summer day. And if you feel like you’re getting a little hot, you can always cool off at one of the Cool Stations. All you do is press a button and a cool mist will help cool you down. The kids had fun with this one, not to mention that it felt good too. You can also hop on Log Jamboree to get a little cooled off. I recommend buying one of their cups that offer free refills throughout the season. Pay $20 for the cup to keep it filled up (why don’t I work in advertising?)! I have the same kind of cup for Stone Mountain, which I plan on using when I got hiking there this summer, so, it definitely pays for itself if you are going multiple times. So, no matter what time of the year you are visiting Six Flags over Georgia, it will not be a total scorcher when you are there.
Hurricane Harbor
I haven’t been to another amusement park that has their water park included in the price of general admission. This is one of the best values that Six Flags has. It’s a great way to end your day or a great way to take a break from your day. They conveniently have a dressing area and lockers for your convenience. The kids could have just stayed in this park of the park all day long.
What else is great about Hurricane Harbor is that they have life jackets available for your use at no additional charge. Less to carry is ALWAYS welcome! No worries about sizes, they have several sizes to choose from. With a wave pool and slide galore, you could cool off and get tired out at the same time! Like I said, great way to end your day!
Here is some little tidbits to remember when you go:
*You can bring your own food to save money. But the food there is actually good, so if it meets your pocket, then by all means, eat the delicious food!Pack snacks. Even if you plan on eating at the park, to keep a little more change in your pocket you can bring snacks to curve your hunger pains
*SUNSCREEN. All though there is plenty of shade, you will need sunscreen. I burn easily, and of course got a little burnt while we were there, so take precaution.
*Buy the GREEN cup! The green cup allows you to refill all year long. Like I said earlier, it’s $20, but well worth it if you go multiple times throughout the year.
*Have a game plan. Look at the map and plan out your adventure! We didn’t and missed a few rides that I know my son would have loved to ride.
*Go early! You definitely want to go early in the day. Get a lot of the busier rides out of the way first, before that sun starts heating up. Then, when it is the hottest part of the day you can spend that time at Hurricane Harbor.
* If you are going multiple times during the summer, or even for Fright Fest or Holiday in the Park, I would HIGHLY recommend getting a season pass. There are so many benefits to the pass and the amount of money that it ends up saving you is insane!
You can look at Six Flags tickets and season passes HERE. They are having a May mega sale so you better act fast to get the best deal!
Six Flags is located at 275 Riverside Pkwy, Austell, GA 30168
And is open DAILY NOW!
So, are you heading to Six Flags this summer?
What are you most excited about?


**I received complementary tickets. As always, opinions are my own

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