I Feel Pretty Movie Review

I love Amy Schumer! She is hilarious and I firmly believe we are either her or have a friend like her. I’ve watched her movies Trainwreck and Snatched and laughed uncontrollably. What I’m looking forward to currently is her new movie that comes out April 20th! I was lucky enough to check it out at a preview last week. So if you’re questioning heading out to I Feel Pretty, then I am here to tell you to purchase your tickets now!

If Amy Schumer ‘s character in I Feel Pretty doesn’t depict a part of you, then she’s your best gal pal, your cousin, co-worker, or your sister. In I Feel Pretty her complaints about herself our every woman’s complaints about themselves, but she makes it so much funnier! I literally laughed within the first 30 seconds (that’s right) until the end of the movie. And it wasn’t like the fake laugh, you know, the one when you’re watching a movie and something is funny and you’re like…

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It was totally,  “I’m about to drop this mozzarella stick in my bucket of popcorn, loud belly laugh” like…

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And it doubles as a Chick Flick and Date Night Movie. I went with some of my besties and we had an amazing time. If you don’t have a good time even with the car ride there with your girls then you don’t have real friends. For us, we work together and can still hangout with each other outside of work and still have a great time. This is definitely a show you want to go with the girls. At least you’ll be able to openly scarf down a bucket of popcorn and cheese sticks without judgement.

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Like I said above, it’s totally a Date Movie too with a love story tied in. So, you can eat before you go or if he really loves you then you can eat that bucket of popcorn and cheese sticks without judgement. #beyou  😉

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All-in-all, it’s a movie for every girl, to accept and love themselves, as they are. To reach for your goal, believe in yourself and know you got this! Whatever that may be for you. Check out the trailer below, even the trailer is good! It’s not like those movies where you watch the trailer and are like, “OMG, that looks so good!” But then go and watch the movie to find out they showed practically the whole movie during the trailer and its terrible. Basically,

Go watch the movie. 😉

I FEEL PRETTY, starring Amy Schumer, Michelle Williams, Rory Scovel, Tom Hopper and Emily Ratajkowski. In I FEEL PRETTY, an ordinary woman who struggles with feelings of insecurity and inadequacy on a daily basis wakes from a fall believing she is suddenly the most beautiful and capable woman on the planet.


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