DIY Duct-Tape Two Face Costume
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My son has been obsessed with Super Hero villains for several months now, so I knew he was going to be one of them for Halloween. When he mentioned that he wanted to be Two-Face, I wasn’t sure how I was going to pull this off. I’ve bought several costumes for him, you know Batman, Spiderman, those are one’s that I wouldn’t even try to replicate. But Two-Face costume can be a little tricky, and I’m strapped for time so I needed it to be cheap, quick and easy. If you’re unfamiliar with Two-Face, AKA Harvey Dent, he is the district attorney until he gets acid thrown on him, destroying half his body and face. He now is a little “unhinged” to say the least. He carries a his good luck charm, a 2 headed coin of which one side is defaced. He flips this coin to determine the fate of his victims. There are several ways you can do his costume, but I decided the most fun one to replicate (and actually the hardest if you don’t do it the way I did it) is played by Tommy Lee Jones in Batman Forever.


Now this tutorial does not include the makeup and hair, we will get do that later. But for the sake of this tutorial, here is a photo of Tommy’s entire outfit.


Sorry, this was the best full length photo I could find.

So I should back track a little bit. I’ve seen several people post photos of using duct-tape to create something that they can wear, I also remembered I seen several rolls of animal print duct-tape on Amazon not too long ago. So I figured I’d head to the thrift store, grab what I needed and be on my way. The outfit in total cost only $6, the shirt he already had. I got the 12 rolls of duct-tape, which cost me $15.99, I didn’t use all of them, so you could probably get away with buying the 6-pack, but you wouldn’t be able to do the back of the suit, especially if you’re trying to do an adult suit.


All I did was cut to size and place as close to the other pieces of tape.


I tried as best to get it to look as close to the original suit as possible.


I probably needed more pink, but I had so much tape, I didn’t see it as necessary to make it exactly like the original if I didn’t have enough of one style of tape.


But I like how it came out. It really makes the suit stand out more having the pants a different pattern.


I didn’t bother taping the whole shirt, since his jacket was covering most of it anyway.


Business on the right.


Party on the left.


Here is a back view.


And another front view.


I’m super excited to play around with the makeup and do his hair. I’m really proud of the costume and my son is super excited!


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