Dining in Denver: Humboldt Restaurant

Have I told you all how much I love a good deal? I’ve mentioned before about the amount of resources that are out there that you almost never have to pay full price. One resource I love is Groupon. On our trip to Denver, I noticed I had a 100% off discount sent to my email.


I immediately opened it up. It was true, 100% off a local deal with a $30 max. I had my eye on a restaurant deal that I seen previously for Denver, and even went as far as researching the restaurant to see if it was worth it. It did look worth it, so it was a no-brainer, $40 worth of food for free.


We decided that this is where we will eat our last meal before we left Denver. Humboldt- Farm Fish Wine is located in a quaint little neighborhood and almost goes unnoticed amongst all the homes. Parking is street side, so we were about half a block away, which was fine because going into the restaurant is was gorgeous (I’ll get to when we came out later on in this post).

Humboldt Restaurant Image 5

Gorgeous place. Decorated beautifully with no area left untouched. even the bathroom was nice! I enjoyed the atmosphere as soon as I entered and felt very welcomed. We ended up having a waiter and waitress since our waiter has to leave for the day. Both were prompt and professional and very friendly.

The food was fabulous. we started with a plate of Fried Calamari. It was good, and gone in a matter of minutes.

Humboldt Restaurant Image 4

They had an amazing kids menu, my son got Salmon and fries. His plate was left empty. The portion size was perfect for a child and the meal was under $10. I got Fish & Chips. The serving size was more than I could eat, tasted great and well worth the $15 I spent for the meal. My boyfriend got Swordfish Sandwich with fries. I loved his the most! So light, so flavorful! My dish was great, but that Swordfish was to die for!

Humboldt Restaurant Image 3

Humboldt Restaurant Image 2

Homboldt Restaurant Kids Meal

We ended up spending $60, so $20 more than what our Groupon voucher was for. Totally worth it! Totally worth paying full price. But, saving $40 isn’t anything I’m complaining about! I’m so glad I got the Groupon as we probably wouldn’t have made the visit. I would absolutely visit Humboldt ¬†Farm Fish Wine when visiting Denver and totally recommend the place, you won’t be disappointed.

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Humblodt Restaurant Review Image 1

Oh, let me not forget to tell you about our little weather situation. So, when we arrived it was gorgeous out. About half way through our meal it started raining hard. Then hailing HARD. Like the biggest pieces of hail that I’ve ever seen! Here was a short video I took before we left.

It was just sunny…

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