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It’s that time of the year. The leaves are falling, the temperatures dropping and it’s time for Football! Honestly, I am not a huge football fan, however, I get the hype, I am from a family who loves football and being from Michigan, College football is borderline a staple in homes. I remember the rivalry of some of my family members. University of Michigan or Michigan State. You were one of the other and if you were on my grandpa’s side as opposed to my uncles, then you were blue and maize all the way.

Spoiler alert: I was totally blue and maize

Thanks to my friend Winona over at Southern Family Fun, I received tickets to facilitate a review, as always, my opinions are my own.

This past weekend, we had the amazing opportunity to tour The College Football Hall of Fame. It was our first time, and I figured we’d have fun, but I had no idea that we would have that much fun. First of all, before you even enter the building, I have to mention that they have a Chick-fil-A adjacent.

Done. Sign me up. I’m there.

Before you even enter the facility, you will be given a All-Access Pass. The first thing you wan tot do with the pass is take it to the kiosk and link it to your email and name so that once you finish your visit, you can access what you’ve done. One thing you will do when linking the pass to you is choose your favorite college football team.

Something you will notice when you arrive in the building is the hundreds of college football helmets on the wall. When you choose your favorite football team, that helmet will light up, and stay lit during the duration for the fan’s visit.

It’s quite obvious where you’ll want to go first; Indoor Playing Field. Here you can kick a field goal, throw a football and run thru the obstacle course. You can even catch a game (if they’re playing) on one of 4 TV’s. You can relax or totally burn some energy in here. It’s fun to play and fun to watch.

As our tour began, we first stopped at Chick-fil-A’s Why We Love College Football. An interactive screen that recognized you by your badge when you step in front of the screen. If you noted your favorite football team when you signed on to your pass, then information pertaining to your team will be available in front of you. You’ll see some of the awards that your team has one in the past, as well as viewing some actual awards, like none other than the Heisman Trophy. It’s so much better than a traditional museum, seeing as our children thrive off electronic devices, allowing them to gain the history through an interactive approach enables it to be fun and not so boring.

Next, we headed into the Game Day Theatre. Here you can get all the feelings of game day through a short video (less than 15 minutes). You feel the power, hear the roar and see the need to WIN.

Just outside the door, you can enter the Coca-Cola Fan’s Game Day. This area was probably the most fun that everyone had. You can play a little karaoke, singing one of the college teams fight song.  And they record it too, so one of the fans that are in your group will have it to access on their Fan Pass. Cool right!? You can become an actual broadcaster and talk about one of your favorite teams (our team wasn’t available ;( ). It’s adorable; they have you sit at a desk that is in front of a green screen. In front you you will the a teleprompter with a TV where you can see yourself. On the TV will be you and whoever you were with (in my case, my son) and two sport broadcasters. They’ll talk, you’ll read from the teleprompter like a real sports broadcaster. There was one point where an animated elephant covered my head and moved along with me as I moved my head. It was a lot of fun and the most memorable part of our visit for my son. This is another area that gets downloaded to your All-Access Pass. So you can relive that memory over and over.

There were several interactive things to do in this area. You can take a photo of yourself and apply some game day art on your face.

There was a fun interactive screen that several fans could be on at the same time. You can play different games, like’ throwing food to the crowd, choosing the moves that the cheerleaders will perform.

As we made our way around the floor, there is a lot of history that you’ll see. From how the uniforms have evolved over time, to learning plays, to team rivalries. Like University of Michigan vs. Ohio State. We all know who is better. It doesn’t need to be said. 😉

We had a of fun doing voice overs for scenes and hearing the playback. Let’s just say I think I’m quitting my day job. Well, maybe not…

Yeah, I guess I’ll keep my day job.

Then they have an awesome experience where you can have a virtual reality experience. It’s really cool, you’re placed right on the field and in all the action. You can choose from several different universities, looking at a different scenery. This you’ll have to experience for yourself.

We headed up to the 3rd floor, where we entered The College Football Hall of Fame. Here, you can see every name of every Hall of Famer! It’s really cool. They have interactive screen where you can pull the name up of ANY College Football of Fame member and get a more in-depth story about the individual. It is really cool. By standing in front of the screen, your All-Access Pass will pull up your college of choice, so you can get all the info on the players from your favorite school.

We had so much fun. I promise you that even if you’re not in to college football that you will have a blast! But wait! There is more fun to be had at the College Football Hall of Fame as 2017 is coming to a close in a few months. Here is a little info below so that you can have EXTRA fun if you want to attend soon.

Haunted Hall of Fame-October 21-22 & 28-29

Have some scary fun as you make your way through The College Football Hall of Fame. Kids can come dressed up, go on a scavenger hunt and get lots of candy! You can explore the Field of Screams for a few extra scares too. They are also offering face painting for guest.

ESPN College Football Awards-December 7th

A red carpet event takes place before the show begins and is open to the public. One December 7th, The College Football Hall of Fame is taken over by some of the top players of 2017. The show itself is a private event, but being there for the red carpet event sounds worthy to meet some of the top athletes in college football of 2017!

Deck the Hall-December 9-January 1

Every Friday and Sunday from December 9th to January 1st, fans at The College Football Hall of Fame will be able to enjoy some cookies and cocoa while Christmas classics are playing on the field. Some of the movies are; Home Alone 2, A Christmas Story and Dr. Suess: How the Grinch Stole Christmas. And of course, you can see the halls of The College Football Hall of Fame decked out for the holiday season. I hear it is a gorgeous time to go.

With all these special events and activities approaching, we could go back again and again and not get tired of it. Which makes sense to get the season pass, which isn’t a bad price to pay (you can get information on the season pass HERE).

Tickets to The College Football Hall of Fame are (Click HERE to get Tickets):

$21.99 for adults

$17.99 for children (3-12)

FREE (3-under)

They have special discounts for veterans and students too:

FREE for Active and Retired Military

$18.99 for seniors and students (students need a valid school ID)

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