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Remember when you were little and went on a field trip with your class? Wasn’t it the best time ever! You get out of the classroom, you get to go somewhere and your friends come too. I remember most of the field trips that I went on as a child, I feel it’s most great impact learning in different settings. Being able to reiterate what you’re learning in the classroom in an environment that resonates with what the student is learning. One of the most notable attractions here in the Atlanta area that has an exceptional field trip program for all grade levels; none other than the Georgia Aquarium.

Alligator at Georgia Aquarium (Eat Make Travel)

Georgia Aquarium is quite notably one of our most iconic attractions here in Atlanta. Being the largest aquarium in the world brings millions of patrons to the facility each year. People from all over the world come to Atlanta to spend time in the majestic Georgia Aquarium, and the beauty of that is, we have access to it and all of the educational resources all the time! Also here in the Atlanta area, we have countless great educational opportunities to take a class on a field trip. So the question is, why Georgia Aquarium?

Or why not?

Sting Ray at Georgia Aquarium (Eat Make Travel)

Georgia Aquarium offers field trips for all grade levels, tailoring each program to fit the need of the programs (however, Georgia Aquarium will alter to meet the need of the class and even within each program it’s altered to fit the development of each grade level). Each program last about 45-minutes. Once over, you have access to the facility to explore as you wish. They also offer great resources to add to your lesson plan for your pre and post trip visit. Here is a brief description of each program;

PreK-2nd: Eco-Essentials

Here the class will observe, predict while learning about different habitats. Ultimately noting the differences and what’s the same among those different habitats. For instance, can you breathe oxygen underwater? Why can’t a fish eat what we eat? And what some plants and animals need to thrive in their habitat.

3rd-5th: Hunger Games

With the Hunger Games program, the class will learn about predator-prey interactions, who will eat who and who will get eaten. Along with discussing the ecological impact of predators, even examining those that top the food chain, us.

Georgia Aquarium, offers a couple options for the middle-school and high school. 

6th-8th: Myth Busters- Shark Edition

The class will look at the variety of shark species at Georgia Aquarium and separate fact from fiction. They will learn how scientist classify this species based on their physical and behavioral characteristics.

6th-8th: Undersea Investigators

Students will gain knowledge on how research is conducted in the underwater world, gaining a better understanding on the animals and other live that lives there.

9th-12th: Oceanic Occupations

High school may be the most crucial time for exploring options of occupation once students graduate. Luckily Georgia Aquarium offers a field trip program that caters to the exploring the different careers that are relative to an aquarium, such as, Chemists, engineers, and nationalist.

9th-12th: Animal Behavior

Learning how an animal behaves is something a biologist must process prior to the animal making an aquarium home. With this program, the class will learn how the Aquarium staff maintains that health of the animals, how the observe their behaviors and how important it animal training is.

Home School

Georgia Aquarium offers an amazing Home School Program. Georgia Aquarium offers Tuesday in the field,  the second Tuesday of each month (during the school year). Each month, the students will earn something new, thus allowing a different experience each time and broadening the relationship with the aquarium and the students educational need. However, it is encouraged that the students explore the other areas of the Aquarium too. The hours for Tuesday in the field are 9 am-1 pm. You can find more information on each Tuesday in the field and cost HERE.

Aquarium (Eat Make Travel)


The amount for a group rate is lower than general admission. You can get more information by e-mailing or calling 404-581-4121

Georgia Aquarium also offers a program called Sponsored Educational Admission (SEA). This program ensures that no matter the economic status, a student or school may have to opportunity to participate in the educational experience. Thankfully, Georgia Aquarium provides gifts to Title 1 schools and non-profit organizations.

Gaining Additional Information for Field Trips at Georgia Aquarium

If this sounds like something you’re interested in for your classroom, then here are links to better assist.

Home schooling or apart of a home school group? Get more information on the home school days HERE.

Interested in a field trip for your class at Georgia Aquarium, then you’ll find more information HERE.

If you’re an instructor looking for a workshop, then you can find more information HERE.

Get more information for lesson plans, field trips and professional development HERE.

Keep up-to-date on Georgia Aquarium latest educational programs HERE.

Check out the video below! 


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