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A few months ago I was on 285 driving home about to get on 85N when it dawned on me, Greenville couldn’t possibly be some little country town if it is noted on the 85N sign, right? I know that sounds silly, but hey! I’m a bit of a nerd.
So I looked it up and seen a beautiful little city that was screaming for me to visit! One day after work, two friends that I work with and I headed there to see what it was all about. Being only two hours away, I figured if we got there and didn’t like it then we would just turn back around and head home. We had a great time, I new I wanted my son to see it too, so this past Labor Day weekend we went back!

As soon as we arrived, we went to our hotel, Townplace Suites-Haywood. It was not in the downtown area, but close with a less than 10 minute drive. It is also located right down the street from the Haywood mall, so if shopping is your thing, it is in the most convenient spot. Our room was the perfect size for a family. With two bedrooms, a bath, living and dining area beside a kitchen equipped with all the amenities you would have at home.

Not only do they have breakfast every morning, but because it has a kitchen, it makes it an even more money saving feature. The food in in Greenville is great, but if you have 3+ kids in tow, then I’m sure it is always easier on your pockets to cook yourself.

The bed was very comfortable with dressers and a closet in each bedroom. In the living room there was a pull out couch, of which we did not use. Total the room sleeps 6 comfortably. There’s a flat screen TV in every bedroom, and one in the living area as well. It is always nice when you don’t feel like you have to go into the separate rooms to watch something, so at night we would congregate to the living room and watch Netflix (we brought our own HDMI cord for that reason). Of courser I forgot my Logitech Wireless Keyboard, which would have made that a little more comfortable.

The hotel has an on-site fitness center and outdoor pool. Both were on the small side, but I don’t think kids would care about the size of the pool and the fitness center gets the job done (as long as it is empty). The room that I had came in around $189, which I think is very reasonable for what you get and having the kitchen in your room.

Again, our stay at the hotel was very comfortable and was in a convenient location. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and loved the at home feeling that it gave. You don’t know how many times I don’t finish a meal when we are traveling because I don’t have the proper equipment in the room to heat back up or even just to store to keep fresh.

Once we got settled, we headed downtown. As you pull into downtown Greenville, you feel like you’re in a cross between Mayberry and Stepford Wives. The streets are clean and aligned by trees, everyone is friendly and the restaurants and stores are quaint, locally owned and cool. It is best to be there on a Friday night or Saturday night, that’s when the streets are filled with people, music and fun.
I had in my head that we would do several things while we were there. But with this being our first break since school has started, we just hung out downtown, shopped, ate and played at the Children’s Museum. It was a nice little getaway.

Back to our first night there. First we headed down to Falls Park, but on our walk down we stopped by Poppington’s Gourmet Popcorn, which was fabulously delicious!


Fall’s Park is a beautiful park with a magnificent river flowing through. The river has a breathtaking little waterfall that is the most gorgeous spot for a photo.


The landscape is ready for the Home & Garden cameras and is kept cool by the trees throughout the space. It is really a gorgeous area.
By the time we left the park we were ready for dinner.


There is one place where I HAD to go, Tueplo Honey’s.


If you read my Knoxville post or follow me on social media, you know that I’ve been there a couple times now. It is such a great restaurant with the most delicious food. I get their emails and noticed a coupon for a kid’s meal with the purchase of an adult meal. I jumped on that! I got the fried shrimp with sweet potatoes and cheesy cauliflower. I didn’t care for the sweet potatoes as I am fond of sweet potatoes casserole, but the cheesy cauliflower was great and the shrimp (which I had my previous visit) was outstanding! My son got the sweet potato pancake (which I got a bite of) and is was phenomenal! My son ate it right up and loved it!
After we ate we headed back to the hotel. I was beat already by then. Like I said, we have been overly busy and was in need for relaxation.
The next morning instead of eating the free breakfast that the hotel had to offer, we went to Mary Beth’s at Mcgee. I read on Trip Advisor how wonderful their breakfast was and had to try it. We love a good pancake, and this place is known for their outstanding homemade pancakes. The food held up to the reviews. It was excellent breakfast and kept us full until dinner.

That afternoon we hung out downtown, heading back to the park and walking about the area exploring the various stores. I had planned on going to the zoo that day, but my son was eager to go into the Children’s Museum ( we did go briefly the day prior).


It was the best Children’s Museum we have ever been in! With 3 floors of fun this place has something to peak any kid’s interest. I loved how it was on the 3 floors, it made it so much easier to maneuver and made it not seem as crowded either. My son ran straight to the cars! They had two big cars with a screen for racing. They were pretty popular as there were several kids waiting.


They also had a car that the kids could put tires one, and a ramp to have small wooden cars go down with various types of friction, so that they could test which material is best.


A wind tunnel and a space shuttle that had a screen to simulate driving the craft.


Banks, stores, water area, health area, news studio, music room, the list goes on and on!


We could have spent all of our time there and still not have done everything.


They had the most best jungle gym in the center of the building that was unique and artistically awesome! It was a pretty amazing site to see. That area kept pretty full as well.


My son really enjoyed his time there and has already asked when we are going back. The prices there were VERY reasonable! With adults tickets at $10 and kids 1-15 $9. It is practically half price what we would pay to go the the Children’s Museum here.

We finished out our day shopping at the Haywood mall, grabbing some food and relaxing again watching Netflix. It was a great weekend to not have any household chores and cooking. The next morning we left, but not before eating breakfast from the hotel. It’s a typical hotel breakfast; cereals, yogurts, sausage, eggs, and waffles. It was good and there really wasn’t an official limit to how much you could have, so get there early before it is all gone!
Greenville is such a great city and a great place for a day trip. There is so much more that you can do, especially outdoors. If I had any energy that weekend, we would have went hiking in the gorgeous South Carolina mountains. If we wanted, we would have even drove an extra hour to see Symmes Chapel (Pretty Place). A drive up chapel that over looks South Carolina mountains, truly a gorgeous place that I must see at some point. Google the images, it is breathtaking.

Greenville has a lot to offer, you wouldn’t be disappointed visiting Greenville and all that they have to offer. It is a great little southern gem! To find out more about Greenville, visit HERE.

*I received a complementary stay and tickets to facilitate a review. As always, all my opinions are my own.

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