Are you a family that is on the go like us? Let’s face it, today most families spend more waking hours in the car versus in their own home. Between school, work, after-school activities to sport; you’re likely eating in the car too. With all this time in the car, we really need to consider what we’re driving with the family in tow. A vehicle that not only fits the needs of the family, but is also provides safety measures to keep yourself and the little one’s protected while you travel from stop-to-stop.

Luckily for you I had the pleasure of test-driving Mazda’s 2017 CX-9, and I am here to tell you why it is the perfect family vehicle. Please note that all my opinions are totally my own, my only influence was the awesome ride!

You Get a Seat! You Get a Seat! Everybody gets a Seat!

Wanting to upgrade that standard size car, but not quite keen on a big SUV, or maybe you’re not quite ready for mini van status. Mazda’s CX-9 is the perfect crossover vehicle for you. With seating for 7 (and possible 8, but may not be as comfortable in the very back), you can fit the whole crew with leg room! Packing all your belongings won’t be an issue either. Laying down the back seat for that extra space is as easy as 1, 2, 3. And I loved how they have a small hidden space in the back, which allows you to place your purse, electronic, or other personal items that you want to be left out of sight. This was great as while I had the vehicle we went hiking. I would suggest a net for the trunk area as it is a smaller space when the seats are up, thus making your belongings closer to the door.


Safety is What Safety Does.

We’re not the only people on the go. We’re all on the go, at the same time and we need to get there NOW! At least that’s what traffic seems like on I-85, 285 and every “Peachtree” in metro Atlanta. Mazda’s CX-9 is the most safest vehicle that I have ever driven (and I’ve driven some nice vehicles). This is actually one of the things I loved most about the CX-9. Blind spot sensors alerts you when an object is in your blind spot via a chime and a blinking light on the side-view mirrors. Rear camera makes reversing so much easier. I first tested this in a rental car that I had last year, I couldn’t get use to it at first. Now, I love it!

I mean, who looks back? That’s crazy talk. It’s beneath me, I refuse to do it. 

Okay, I kid. Of course I look back now because I had to give the car back. 😉

But in reality, please know that you do have to scan the area still. Better safe than sorry. 🙂

And then there is my most favorite feature, the windshield dash display. The windshield dash display allows you to view your speed you’re going, the speed limit, and even the navigation. This reduces you from looking down or over at the navigation screen. An obvious safety feature, it also doubles as a huge convenience factor.

Speaking of Convenience…

Mazda’s CX-9 is a tech’s dream! I loved the display screen that allows you to control the navigation, music and phone conveniently. I linked my phone to the car which allowed me to also link my Pandora. Talking on the phone was made so much easier, and the people I was talking to never even realized I was in a car. The CX-9 is loaded with the best, this includes Boise speakers!

I loved that the screen shows you (even with the Navigation not being in use) the street you’re driving up to. I tend to remember landmarks and not streets, so this feature was wonderful to have when I am in a location that I’m unfamiliar with.

You can easily enter the car with out actually using your key! As long as you have the keys on you, all you have to do is press the button on the handle and voila, open! And then to make matter better, the trunk is an easy press of a button to close as well. I loved this feature, especially with hands full of grocery bags.

I also love that everyone has their own controls for heat/ac. From the driver to the passenger all the way to the back seats, everyone has control. I personally can fluctuate on how cold or hot I feel when driving compared to my passenger, so this feature gets two thumbs up from me!

Speaking from a Traveling Family.

I would totally recommend this car for road trips. I would say about 5 passengers would be comfortable along with belongings. Gas mileage is pretty good at an estimated 28 MPG. There are some great add-ons you can get as well for the adventurers at heart. With an added roof rails it will be easy to bring a kayak, surf boars, bike or even a luggage basket.

 Comfortable, stylish, roomy and safe. This vehicle is the best car I have ever driven, I would highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a vehicle.  The size isn’t too big, yet so spacious. It is truly a luxury to drive without the price tag. Save some dough, and drive safe in a Mazda CX-9.

To find out how you can own a Mazda CX-9, click HERE.

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