Blow your Mind at WonderWorks Orlando!

I received tickets to facilitate a review. As always, my opinions are my own.

So if you read my last post, then you know that last week we were on Spring Break in sunny Florida. You would have also learned that at this point we just made it to Orlando and were on our way to our first adventure at WonderWorks. Prior to arrival to WonderWorks, we ate some awesome food at Senor Frogs, parked down the street from WonderWorks and then we were ready to explore! If you’ve ever been to one the WonderWorks destinations, then you can NOT miss it. The building looks as though it is upside down and is an amusement park unlike any other. All the attractions are housed within the building, most will give you an educational lesson, have your head spinning or will just be there to have a great time!

When you walk in, the room is still upside down,  which has you immediately exploring with room with your eyes. Once we received our tickets, we made our way to some Natural Disasters, but before you enter, the room will have your head spinning!

Natural Disasters blew us away!

No really, we got in the Hurricane Shack and it nearly blew us away with winds topping off around 74 MPH. Post Hurricane Shack, we traveled over to Earthquake Cafe where other things  rumble besides your stomach! Watch the video below. These three weren’t phased by it much, let’s hope we never experience a live quake!

Before heading to the Physical Challenge area, we dabbled a little with some trivia, played with Google Earth..



The Physical Challenge area was a lot of fun! We laughed HARD while we played around with the Wonder Wall. This was the moment that I realized that I needed to lose a few. It outlined my body…enough said!


I can’t say it enough, we really had a blast in the Physical Challenge area. We played with bubbles, my son threw a long one in the virtual sports and we played a few games (air hockey without the air anyone?). We seen where the hot and cold spots were on our bodies, shot a couple of baskets and danced a little before moving on.





I should have got on the Bed of Nails (one of the popular attractions at WonderWorks), but the line was a tad bit too long and the kids wanted to explore! We topped this level off by blasting into space and riding a virtual roller coaster in the Space Discovery section. I was glad to see the potential that my son displayed when he hopped into a space suite. The kids had fun playing make-believe in a space shuttle as they pretended to take off into space!


The virtual roller coaster was a lot of fun, but not according to my son. He lost it… like literally lost it in there! I thought I was going to have to push the emergency stop button! This all stems back to us riding a coaster at Six Flags during Holiday at the Park (of which takes place at night), we rode the ride before ( in the daylight) and I think with it being in the dark that it spooked him a little. Ever since then, he does NOT like coasters! That doesn’t stop me from scaring the living daylights out of him and getting on them! But seriously, if I know it won’t go upside down, and isn’t a huge coaster, then yes, we  still get on them ( I’m waiting on him to nominate me for mother of the year). It took until our time at Disney (that post is coming soon) for him to finally let up a little and enjoy it…


Anyhoo, back to the virtual coaster, he did not like it one bit! The girls however seemed to enjoy it!

We made our way down to the next level for some additional exploring. This section had video games  (note that the video games do cost extra), the Glow-in-the-dark ropes and the 4D movie. Please know to dress appropriate, the adults in our group wore sun dresses, so we had to nix the ropes (damn adults). But laser tag was fun! We played for a good 10 minutes at least! It was only about 4 of us playing at that time, so it would have been a lot more fun with more people, but that didn’t stop us from going all Call of Duty on each other.

Not to brag, but I totally won.

I should mention that all the other players were under 10 years old. I did however tell my son that he was the winner (remember, I’m banking on that mother of the year nomination).

We topped off our WonderWorks adventure with the 4D movie. This was so fun! We watched Canyon Coaster. In it you make your way through a canyon on an old mine track. We all really loved this, and it was a great way to top off our time there. Total we spent a few hours at WonderWorks (but would have spent more if we were dressed for the rope course). WonderWorks Orlando is a great attraction to add to your list when you visit Orlando! It is a great price, in a great location, and is perfect for those days that Orlando weather decides it wants to rain. They are open late too, so if you need to add something to your day, this would be a great addition, but, in itself it was a wonderful attraction. We had a blast! Thanks WonderWorks for an awesome time!

WonderWorks is located at 9067 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819

They are open from 9 AM- 12 AM Sunday-Saturday

You can get $2 off your ticket by filling out this form HERE.

My friend over at Simple Southern Family just visited WonderWorks- Pigeon Forge and had an awesome time, you can read about her visit HERE.  CONTEST OVER

So, what are you excited to experience at WonderWorks Orlando?

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Emily Metzger at
This sounds so fun. I had no idea what was inside the Wonder Works building--I've seen it before, probably the TN and SC ones. I'd love to go--and we're a family of 4, so 4 free tickets would be perfect! (And we'll be in Orlando in May!)
    EatMakeTravel at
    It was a lot of fun! I think there is something for everybody! Oh, and if you love Mexican food, please stop by Senor Frogs for dinner (around 6 since you have kids). They have GREAT food, got a voucher from Groupon, but we also seen coupon for free nachos in those coupon books (specifically the Mall). They are right down the street from WonderWorks!!
Katie Higgins at
That looks like a blast!
    EatMakeTravel at
    Thanks Katie! We did have a blast! Thanks for stopping by!
Laura Kramer at
Looks great! I had never heard of this place before!
    EatMakeTravel at
    Laura, I've seen it before, but never thought twice to look it up until a friend told me about it. I was sold!!
Leigh Anne Borders at
I would love to visit here. I have always been amazed by the outside of the building. If I went I would def do things that we could do as a family like the glow in the dark ropes.
    EatMakeTravel at
    Yes!! There are tons of things for you and your family to enjoy!!
samantha salvo at
I live here and never go explore. This looks so fun!
    EatMakeTravel at
    That always seems to happen. You live near an attraction but never go! Good luck on the giveaway!
Cindy Forester at
We're going to Orlando in May. Thanks for the review. I think my we're adding this to the to do list.
    EatMakeTravel at
    I hope you have an awesome time!!
Jessica Morris at
I have been interested in taking my kiddos here for awhile now - winning tickets would be amazing!! We are closest to Pigeon Forge, but Orlando isn't too much more out of the way, so a family trip could be planned either direction!! :)
    EatMakeTravel at
    Any reason for a little getaway is a good reason! good luck!
Stefanie Sokolowski at
Great giveaway. Since our family will be making a first time trip to Fl/Orlando in early June to Universal Studios (7 day trip at our resort) one full day at the Studios!! This would be nice to add on to our new first time adventures!!
    EatMakeTravel at
    It would be an excellent addition!
Chris DeHart at
I love the upside down look of the building.
Rachel DeHart at
Wonder Works looks like a fun pace.
Chris DeHart at
I'd love to take my kids to wonderworks.
Summer I. at
We have never been to Wonderworks. It seems like a really fun place to visit. We will have to put it on our list. Thanks for a great giveaway.

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About Stacey

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