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When it comes to traveling with kids there are two things that are at the top of parents lists. Is it going to keep them entertained and is it reasonably priced. We’re always on the lookout for an adventure that will not only meet that criteria, but is kind of off the beaten path, different and not really what one thinks of when going somewhere. For instance, when we visited Orlando a few years back, we made a detour to an orange grove, something that you normally don’t think of doing in Orlando, or Florida for that matter, even though it is known for its oranges. But somehow we had an amazing time there, we learned something and it was extremely cheap. When we visited Myrtle Beach, I found that same kind of adventure at Alligator Adventure. Of course when you’re in Myrtle Beach you think about he obvious, the beach. However, we had a good time and I didn’t feel as though the animals were unhappy in their environment.

I received tickets to facilitate a review, as always, my opinions are my own


Convenient Location

So I know if I’m visiting a place, I don’t want to go out of my way and use all my time getting from one place to the other. This in general is how it is in Myrtle Beach. Everything was close by, with maybe a 15 minute drive out-of-the-way. Very doable and it made the most out of a weekend trip. Alligator Adventure was located very close to where we stayed, which way right on the beach and was about a 15 minute drive. It’s very close to Barefoot Landing, so if you’re familiar with that shopping area then you know exactly where I am talking about. It;s actually more close to the road than what I would expect, which only a building and parking lot separating it from the road. I tend to think of places like this to be farther back. It’s simple to get to and around, if you are in a wheelchair, you’d have no problem getting in or around the area.


There are more than just alligators at Alligator Adventure, but don’t let me fail to mention that there are P L E N T Y of alligators. More than I have ever seen to be exact! They do have a few in some in what I would consider a smaller caged off area, I’d say 10 or less are in an area like that. Most are in a suitable open area. They have a few buildings that house different animals, one being small lizards and frogs. We went in there, it was quick to get through and wasn’t the most exciting area to visit for us. There is another building that houses snakes, of which I didn’t even step foot in! I am terribly afraid of snakes, so I passed on that one. They have a couple albino alligators of which were kept in a sheltered area. Since albino alligators don’t live long (most not living into their adult life), then having caretakers for them is probably their best bet at livelihood.

They had Macaw birds on the property that were beautiful! They continued to greet us with a hello over and over. We saw some in a few cages as well as some in the open on some trees that were within a pond. Within the pond were fish and ducks swimming. They sell fish food which was fun for the kids to feed the fish and ducks (and turtles too). That’s not all we saw though. We saw a couple of Lemurs who were casing and fighting with each other. But as I stated, there were P L E N T Y of alligators. The were a bunch camped out on some dirt on this little island. I snagged this awesome photo of this alligator and turtle who are clearly friends.

We did have a good time exploring Alligator Adventure. The cost runs at most of $24.99 for adults (currently as of 1/4/2018, but Winter prices are posted) with lower prices for children, military and seniors. Another great offer is that you can come back within the next 7 days for free by just showing your receipt, so if your family really enjoyed themselves then you have the opportunity to view Alligator Adventure again. It can get pricey if you have a large family, but with the offer of a return visit, it can make it worth the price. In reality, I wouldn’t want to pay for $15 for an adult, with that amount topping out at the highest. So yes, I would recommend it, but if I had a big family then I couldn’t see me going with the price factor. I’d personally like a more budget-friendly price.  If you’re interested in going and looking for tickets, you can get yours HERE.

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