So I needed to rent a car to get to and from the airport for a conference I had in New Jersey. I went through my Southwest account to book it with ease. Got an awesome deal through Alamo; the process was simple, quick and I had my car keys in a matter of minutes!

We were suppose to get a Toyota, very reasonably priced to rent and spacious to fit our belongings. When we went to the parking lot to get the car we were met by an attendant who viewed my paper work and said, “See that white truck?” I replied that I did. He then say’s, “That’s it.”

As I walked happily to the truck, my friend stopped me in my tracks! She needed confirmation that this truck was indeed the vehicle we were suppose to have during our rental time. We called the attendant over and he confirmed that it was the correct vehicle we were to have. The car in question was a BMW X5.

jaw drop.


I myself always assumed that when you rent a vehicle, that you would get that vehicle you requested, but I’m all down for an upgrade MINUS the cost!

We totally scored!

Until I got in the car and couldn’t figure out how to turn the thing on.

See, I live very frugally, and my beat up 1999 VW Passat isn’t equipped with the latest and greatest that the BMW X5 has. So I’m not used to the luxuries that the BMW X5 has to offer.

I felt totally lost… for a moment.



Once I got going, I felt more and more comfortable, this car and I are meant to be, we were one for our time together and I cherish those memories of my crew and Baby-B (we named her).

I miss Baby-B. But maybe that’s a reason for a weekend road trip in the near future (not that you really need a reason to take a road trip!).


Want to know why I loved Baby-B so much? Here’s the low-down!

This thing is packed with space, but still a light-weight SUV, so it’s easy for one who doesn’t tend to drive a bigger vehicle. We fit three suitcases and a computer bag comfortably in the back, the back seats has plenty of space, even if the front seat was back further, and I had extra room in the front to where even no elbows met on the arm rest.



Great gas mileage! This light-weight SUV comes in at 18/25 MPG, that’s great for an SUV! We barely needed to fill-up while we rented.


This thing is technology packed! Navigation and Blue-tooth capabilities, USB connection, rear view camera to ease you in reverse. I loved it!



The body was impeccable and the sunroof was amazing! This vehicle had it all!

This beaut does come at a price, in the low 50k.

If you’re like me and that budget doesn’t exist… Go ahead and rent one and act like you own it!

Want to know more about this sporty luxury? Find out more HERE.

Want a great rental experience like I had? Check out Alamo!

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