I wish I was in a position to just travel the World, but that just isn’t going to happen… right now that is. With all the factors of our daily lives, crazy schedules and let’s not forget the money factor, we can’t always travel as we’d like. But one thing that I hope most of us can do is a day trip every now and then. If you’re in the Atlanta area and not quite sure where to head to or what to do in a day, then you’re in luck! I complied a list of 111 day trips from Atlanta, all ranging between a 0-3 hour drive! Hope it helps you! I know I reference it time and time again!
Drive Guide:
0-1 Hour *
1-2 Hours *
2-3 Hours ***
A Day With The Animals


Theme Parks, Water Parks & Family Fun!

Diggin’ For Gold

16. Consolidated Gold Mine ** Note: we’ve been to this one a LOVED it!

17. Gold and Gem Grubbin *

18. Crisson Gold Mine **

Get Outside: Nature Centers & Gardens
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star: Science Center
Interactive Children Museums
43.INK *
Museums-Art, History, Natural History
60.World Of Coca Cola (Memorabilia/Attraction *
Take a Hike! Trails, Mountains, and Waterfalls, Oh My!
(Most of the nature centers mentioned above have hiking trails as well)
71.Soco Falls ***
75.Ruby Falls-Chattanooga (attraction) ***
76.Rock City! (attraction) ***
Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming: Swimming Holes and Lakes
78.Cummin Falls *** (3.5 hours, but looks worth it!)
Shop ‘Til You Drop!
Cities to See in a Day!
92.Helen, GA **
96.Ashville, NC ***
Up High- Zip Line and Rock Climb!!
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